Female Mad Hatter Costume

female mad hatter costume

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Summer is over and the temperature is dipping and leaves beginning to fall off the trees, that only means one thing! Halloween is approaching and I couldn’t be more excited, my favorite season and favorite holiday all at the same time.

In preparation for Halloween I’m adding a ton of new tutorials to the blog and today we’re going to be looking at how to create a Female Mad Hatter Costume. This is a very popular look for women but not a lot of information is available catering to them. Perfect for all genders but a look you can easily put your own spin on.

Below are the best Mad Hatter costumes on offer for women aswell as information on how to do your make up for this look to give it that feminine edge.

Female Mad Hatter Costume

Women's Deluxe Mad Hatter OutfitWomen’s Deluxe Mad Hatter OutfitStarline Sexy Women's Mad Hatter Costume Set Starline Sexy Women’s Mad Hatter Costume Set


There are plenty of different options for you to choose from for this character, for cosplayers of all ages. Here are two of the most popular choices for a Female Mad Hatter. For women there is this deluxe cosplay outfit by Leg Avenue which comes with velvet coat, dress & skirt, lace ruffle neckpiece with attached bow tie and hat with clock.

For a more sexy look check out the costume we’ve picked out from Starline Sexy which features a dress, arm puffs and steampunk hat. The only thing not included is hosiery which you may want to add.

Tween Mad Hatter Outfit

California Costumes Tween Mad Hatter CostumeCalifornia Costumes Tween Mad Hatter Costumetit Rubies Ever After High Child Madeline Hatter CostumeRubies Ever After High Child Madeline Hatter Costume

& For ‘tweens’ aka teen girls there is this

Next up for tweens there are a few options on the market too so fans of this character can dress up no matter what their age. First up with have the red and brown colorscheme outfit which comes with everything your tween will need to transform into a female mad hatter including: jacket with faux vest-piece, skirt with added petti skirt, glovelettes, shoe covers and patterned bow tie. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy there’s another more bright and colorful one based on Ever After High that you can pick up instead.

Mad Hatter Wig

wig that is based on the character Hatter Wig with HeadpieceHatter Wig with Headpiece

It’s possible to wear your natural hair for this cosplay adding a colorful wig is the perfect finishing touch. Check out this light blue which is based on Ever After High.

Female Mad Hatter Makeup

Make up is going to help bring the outfit together and give you that feminine edge you’re looking for. So without further ado here is a quick four minute video guide that runs over everything with text instructions below for those who prefer to read.

  • The artists begins by covering her eyebrows with a washable glue stick and applying concealer. Then go in with your foundation and set with powder. Next apply eye primer then draw in your eyebrows with orange and green body paint on each brow. She applies some white underneath her brow and continues with green and orange on the eyelids. Underneath the eye blend out orange with yellow.
  • Moving onto the do green eyebrow now do the same with white eyeshadow underneath your brows and continue with pink and red then blue underneath your eye. Fill in your orange side lash line with white paint and your orange side with normal black liner for a striking contrast. To finish everything up put white liner on your orange side lashes and regular black mascara for the other side.
  • After that highlight your cheeks and add color with some blush. Then begin lining your lips with Urban Decay Lipliner (Blackmail) and finishing those in with Urban Decay Lipstick (Disturbed) which is a deep red color. The next step is painting your body. Start with the white cups then draw on the pink flowers with shadowing for a 3d effect.

All that’s left is to wish you a very spooky Halloween this year, hopefully this guide has helped you. Don’t forget this theme is perfect for families and other groups who can each dress as a different character from the Alice in Wonderland universe.

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