Flynn Rider Costume

flynn rider costume

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Just like the classic Rapunzel it was based off of the 2010 Disney movie Tangled was a huge hit with movie-goers, children and adults alike. While as expected the princess got the most attention lets not forget her prince Flynn Rider a great costume idea for fans of the movie.

Flynn is a Robin Hood type with similar clothes, a former thief who is Rapunzel’s main love interest he uses his ‘smolder face’ to melt her heart, or at least attempts to not that it works very well on her.

He is very cunning thanks to being a thief and is often on the run from the authorities it is only when he meets Rapunzel that things change and his priorities shift from gaining riches to being with her.


Tangled seems to be set in the nineteenth century or at least there abouts and so the character is dressed in clothes to fit this era. First off is his denim jacket which is the trickiest part of the outfit.

This can be a short sleeved or sleeveless denim jacket you have laying around or from the local thrift store making sure the buttons will be easy to take off. Once you’ve taken off the buttons attach several metal buckles down the centre by slipping denim fabric inside them and sewing them onto the jacket itself cutting off any excess for a clean look.

Underneath the denim jacket wear a simple white shirt and roll up the sleeves. Then tan or grey pants which ever is easier to find. To keep up these pants you’ll need a belt, a leather one with as much buckles as the jacket.

Leather Boots

Funtasma Men's Captain-105/BN Dress Boot,Brown Polyurethane,Medium / 10-11 D(M) USFuntasma Men’s Captain-105/BN Dress Boot

Steve Madden Men's Fisher Boot,Brown,10 M USSteve Madden Men’s Fisher Boot






Now for the boots, going the do it yourself route you could use old plimsolls shoe as the base, spray paint the sole brown to blend with the rest and cover the rest with brown fabric. There are also pre-made options that are are lot easier and down require any sewing or fiddling around with fabrics.

Satchel & Pan

Brown Canvas Medic BagRustic Canvas Medic Bag

T-fal A85700 Specialty Nonstick One Egg Wonder Fry Pan, 4.5-Inch, GreyT-fal A85700 Specialty Nonstick One Egg Wonder Fry  4.5-Inch, Grey

Next a purse, I mean a satchel to keep at your side to put your eggs in of course why else would he carry a pan around. Above is a very simplistic satchel that is perfect for men no sequins or flashing lights just something to get the job done with a rustic edge.

A pan isn’t essential as technically it isn’t him who carries one around however I’ve seen a few people as this character with this addition, this can one you already own or for a few dollars at the store, the size of the pan you choose will depend on whether it’s for a child’s attire or an adults. Above is a great one egg pan that will work well for children aswell as adults as it can get annoying holding a large item for extended periods of time.

tangled couples costume

Source: Flickr


Finally is his wig and facial hair, keeping your hair as it is is perfectly fine if your hair is similar. If not you could always cut it (if so keep it short) or wear a wig for a less permanent change.

For women you can either leave your face as it is or apply mascara lightly at your chin to create a faux goatee that will fool anyone from a slight distance.

This is the ideal choice for couples at Halloween too so get your other half along to join in on the fun, dressing up as Flynn’s love interest and future wife.

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