Frozen Character Costumes

frozen characters costumes

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Frozen is a children’s fantasy/comedy movie released in 2013, the movie tells a story of a princess named Anna who fears little and embarks on an epic journey with a mountain man, his pet reindeer, and a snowman to find her sister Elsa, whose powers have trapped the entire kingdom in an eternal winter.

Anna and Elsa grew up away from each other because there was an incident where they were playing, and Elsa didn’t know at that time how to control her powers and accidentally hurt her sister Anna. The king and queen healed Anna and separated the two sisters.

When Anna comes of age they plan her coronation where she meets Prince Hans who asks for her hand in marriage. The queen forbids such a sudden marriage and the two sisters argued. Elsa couldn’t control her emotions. She then went and found a place high in the mountains where she basically creates an ice palace for herself and brings to life the sister’s child hood snowman named Olaf and therefore accidentally unleashing an eternal winter upon the entire kingdom.

She then sets out to find her sister to end the terrible eternal winter and to try and fix her and her sisters relationship. On her journey she meets Kristoff and his pet reindeer Sven. Anna then persuades Kristoff to take her to the North mountain to locate her sister and on the way encounters Olaf who guides them to where Elsa is. This is a fantastic movie that kids of all ages will enjoy and the characters will make great icons for Halloween.

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elsaThis is quite easy to put together and everything you need you can find fairly cheap in costume or party stores. A light blue long party dress like the one Cinderella wears will work perfectly for this.

You will also need a bleach blond wig which can be found at beauty supply stores. Also you’ll need a pair of silver, white or blue flats to finish it off. For the hair you will need to braid it slightly to the side and let the braid hang over the shoulder.

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annaFor her outfit you will need a large dress similar to that of snow whites. It has the same colors and you can add some blue lacy material over the bottom portion of the dress like Anna wears.

You will also need a pink short cape to accent this, along with a pair of black flats or dress shoes. She has also been known to wear short boots as well. Her hair is also braided in the movie slightly to the side and left hanging over the shoulder.

Another idea would be to go in her green coronation dress which is quite popular and make sure you adapt your hair to go along with his with a plait of hair going around your head like a band and with a green bow to keep it all together.

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This costume is pretty much similar to a peter pan costume except it is black. You can find the Kristoff costume in local costume stores or party stores. You will also need a pair of elf shoes that curl up at the front in black.


toddler olaf costumeDon’t forget Olaf! The friendly snowman who started out purely as a figment of Anna and Elsa’s imagination but transformed into the real thing thanks to the ice queens powers.

While his outfit is available chances are it will be out of stock when you need it so a good alternative would be to get a generics snowman’s outfit or wear a white pair of pants and top and then paint your face white the only thing you would need to complete it then would be an orange nose you can strap to your face.

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These are ideal  for younger or older children. Even teenagers can enjoy this idea especially if they want to coordinate as a group.

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