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olaf costume

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Frozen may have been released all the way back in late 2013 yet it is still extremely popular in 2015 and beyond with all ages adults and children alike, today I want to bring you a tutorial for Olaf the snowman’s costume.

A year ago there was very little options for this character but now there are a lot more, before it was only Anna and Elsa fans that could dress up as their favourite Disney princess but boys were left out in the cold (if you pardon the pun).

Olaf is a character that has stole many fans hearts even if he is only a figment of Elsa’s imagination, he may be a snowman but don’t be fooled he loves the idea of summer and getting a tan although he’s oblivious to the fact that he’d melt. He helps Anna find her sister and reunite and provides many funny moments throughout the movie and can be know for his little chuckle.

toddler olaf costumeBefore we dive into the do it yourself instructions below here are some pre-made costumes that will make your life a little easier, no sewing or finding items or waiting in line at the thrift store.

Here is the first outfit for toddlers which comes with everything you see i.e the jumpsuit, and character headpiece, you’ll just need to add your own footwear and wear a comfortable shirt underneath.

This is officially licensed by Disney which should give you peace of mind that the outfit you wear will represent the character well.

olaf footed onesieAdults are also accounted for, there isn’t as much choice in terms of actual costumes but there are snowman onesies (pictured) that will work just fine too.

Onesies are great in that they can be re-purposed for after Halloween too, use them as lounge wear while binge watching Netflix or as comfy pyjamas.

“Some people are worth melting for”

If you want to make the costume yourself you can start with a pair of white pants and a white hoodie, you can look in your local thrift store for these. You’ll already be looking pretty snowy with these two items.

Now you’ll need long brown gloves for your hands to look like sticks. Next attach (sew) three black pom pom down the centre of your hoodie to look like the stones.

To create the sticks coming out of Olaf’s head you’ll need to use three brown pipe cleaners and glue them onto the top of your hoodie using a hot glue gun. Finally for the bright orange carrot nose use orange card rolled into a cone then taped together with a length of string pulled through using a hole puncher or sharp pencil.

Lastly is your face, it wouldn’t look the part without face paint or white powder to give it that winter look. Don’t forget he has distinctive bunny rabbit teeth such as these on Amazon.

So there you have it, dress up as this spellbinding character and watch the shock on people’s faces when you enter the convention or party as they line up to take photos with you, a brilliant group idea too for siblings, couples and groups of friends.pinnable

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