Gogo Tomago Costume

gogo tomago costume

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Big Hero 6 was a movie that burst onto our screens in 2014 and its success was inevitable as it was produced by Disney and featured superheros, you can’t go wrong when you mix robot mascots with children who go crazy for things like this.

Today I want to show you how to put together your very own Gogo Tomago costume, a character from the franchise that is great for girl fans of the series of manga and movie. Covering everything from her hair to clothing.

Gogo Tomago is not your typical Disney character who have often gained criticism in the past for their enduring ‘damsel in distress’ stereotype, doesn’t need a prince and can handle herself which makes her the perfect choice this Halloween for fiery independent girls.

Gogo Tomago Wig

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Sadly at the time of writing there is no official costumes available, and one year on I doubt there will be any for the foreseeable future. However that doesn’t mean we cannot recreate her outfit with a little creativity and sourcing different items of clothing whether that be from online retailers or thrift stores for those on a budget.

Let’s begin with her wig as this is the item that will require most of your time compared to the other items which simply need to be put on. If you watch closely you’ll see she has a strand of purple amongst her jet black hair.

There are several way to accomplish this. The first and most convenient is using hair chalks which is ideal if you don’t want to wear a wig and your hair is already naturally short and jet black. Another option is using clip on purple hair extensions where you need them. Otherwise two options of wig are chosen above both with purple highlight for you to choose if you want to go down that route.

Gogo Tomago Jacket

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The first item on our clothing list is Gogo’s short black leather jacket that she wears for the majority of the film. It’s in a similar style to a biker’s jacket so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something suitable.

To go along with her biker chick style and jacket you’ll need black leather fingerless gloves of course, pretty pointless if you don’t drive a motorcycle but they help make a strong fashion statement nonetheless.

Don’t forget her white shirt that goes underneath the leather jacket, I won’t include that here as you’ll probably already own something you can use and if not thrift stores always carry plain shirt affordably.

Gogo Tomago Legging & Shorts

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Next up are leggings and shorts, I’ll be honest I have never seen this clothing combination before but Gogo seems to pull it off well in her own unique way and it definitely does the trick to make her stand out of the crowd.

It’s not only with the unique combination of leggings and shorts where Tomago shows off her unique fashion sense but also how she combines ripped black legging with purple ones underneath showing through for an interesting color combination.

If you’ve got a pair of black leggings laying around that you no longer use they would be great for this outfit, which you can rip similar to above then purchase purple leggings to go underneath. Finally shorts to go over the top of both pairs of leggings, these are simple enough: black with a red stripes down the sides.

Gogo Tomago Cosplay

Gogo Tomago CosplayThe finishing touch is footwear in this case a pair of black sneakers with a pop of blue color on the bottom.

As a side note I did check out the alternative costume for Gogo based off her yellow and red robot incarnation however the choices are very limited with no reviews available therefore I have no choice but to leave that option out.

However doing a little digging on Amazon I found a vendor who sells her yellow and red disk wheel shield that comes with sounds and light effects and that does have positive reviews so I can recommend it here with confidence.

Although it’s not the full robot outfit for now that’s the best I could find although you can check out cosplay commissioners such as cosplayhouse to see what they have available. If they have no pictures of the actual cosplay itself but a character photo then that means they haven’t created the product before and you cannot be 100% confident of the result you’ll receive.

Gogo Tomago Makeup

Makeup can help you feel ‘in role’ and therefore incorporating some of Gogo’s unique personality traits will become easier which is crucial for a convincing cosplay for conventions. I love how this makeup artist on YouTube has taken on the role of the character and makeup only takes that up a notch.

  • Start by putting in brown eye contacts if yours aren’t naturally. Now begin apply your favorite ‘bb’ cream in dots around your eyes and neck area so the color is even and set it with powder.
  • After that apply a creme purple eyeshadow onto your eyelids, spreading it gradually outwards. Add more towards the bride of your nose to create shadowing.
  • Move onto eyeliner, lining the edge of your lids then underneath the eyes too. As Gogo has long eyebrows extend yours toward the middle using an eyebrow pencil if they come up short.
  • Add a pop of light pink to your lips with your favorite pencil. Then go over it with purple lipstick for a layered effect. Now add a hint of red blush on your cheeks.

There you have it your own unique Big Hero 6 outfit for Halloween, suitable for children and adults alike, because at the end of the day it’s not what age you are that matters but how much you like the movie and expressing that love for it. Also check out our other Big Hero 6 costume tutorials such as Honey Lemon or Hiro Hamada.

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