Golidlocks costume

golidlocks cotumeWe all know the tale of Goldilocks and the three bears about a girl who’s curiosity caused a lot of destruction. It’s a fairy tale that has stood the test of time and children today are still learning about it in schools.

The story is of a girl who welcomes herself into someone else’s home (the home of three bears) and commences to try out their porridge, chairs and finally their bed.

Out of all of the three bears she prefers baby bears porridge because it is warm so not too hot or too cold, his chair because it is not too soft or hard and the same for his bed. The only problem is she ends up breaking their chairs in the process, now there are different variations of this tale but this is the main one.

The costume you will try to create will be based off the popular cover picture of most of these books, again there is several variations but the general vibe is of a blond girl wearing a little blue dress and an apron. The good thing about variations is that you can change around some of the elements such as the color of the dress or style of hair and still create an outfit that is recognizable so that people know who you are.

The above image is great to use for reference, you’ll find a lot of yellow colored outfits available too hence why I put it up there. Going by this image if you were to create the costume yourself you would want a yellow dress, some cute tights with little bows at the top, a curly yellow wig topped off with a little yellow bow and some black dolly style shoes.

Another popular variation is making this outfit edgy/sexy by the use of a corset, seeing as this is a popular theme for most Halloween costumes, that can help you stand out at a party.

The choice to the right is one of the popular ones with a sexy theme and features the yellow top dress with the bear design sewed into it (ideal if you do not want to hold a teddy bear), so you’ll need to add the wig and footwear yourself but as a base it is great to work off of. You can get it and other similar options here.

wigThe wig is another part that demands your attention, Goldilocks’ locks (see what I did there) are very curly and so generally you are going to need to get a wig unless you have really curly natural hair. If your hair isn’t brown but curly all you would need to do was use some yellow dye. Don’t forget a bow of some description goes a long way to keep your hair in place and add a whimsical tone to your look.

The wig above is perfect to compliment the sexy costumes and super convenient if you don’t have adaptable hair, this is not real hair but that is normally expensive anyway for general purposes and I like that it can be cleaned easily with a cloth. It may be for adults but there are also options for children and other variations such as these ones. Chances are that if an illustrations shows a bow you’ll still have to buy it separately so keep that in mind.

Well there you have it, I hope that these instructions and tips can help you on your way to a great Halloween celebration or cosplay. As always if you have any questions or suggestions make sure you pop them in the box below so I can reply to you.

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