Gollum Costume

gollum costume

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Gollum is a key character from J.R.R Tolkien’s massive trilogy epic Lord of the Rings, he wasn’t always Gollum in fact he used to be called Smeagol but it wasn’t long before the One Ring corrupted his mind transforming him into a totally different being.

His famous line ‘my precious’ is one that’s been parodied relentlessly over the years by impressionists and comedies but noone does it quite the same as original actor Andy Serkis.

This year why not dress up as this character for Halloween, he may not be as popular as Gandalf or Bilbo but has that recognizability factor you want in a costume and with the newest triology of Hobbit movies he’s as popular as ever. 

Gollum Mask

gollum maskAs I mentioned before Gollum was an ordinary person before his fixation with the ring began causing a drastic transformation, his skin became haggard and wrinkly, his teeth crooked and misshapen and his eyes began bulging out of their sockets.

You’d have to be an expert with makeup and prosthetics to get a similar look so instead you’ll need a mask to pop on with ease.

Here is detailed mask you can use with striking blue eyes, greasy gray hair and crooked teeth built in. What I like most about this latex mask is the deep wrinkles set in his face just like the movie.

Click Here for Pictured Mask

Gollum Clothes

bodysuitIt’s clear that someone who would let themselves go in such a drastic way wouldn’t wear the most pristine clothes, in fact Gollum wears very little and what he does is as raggedy as the rest of him. Now I’m not saying to go naked, that would be crazy however there are a few trips and tips to apply to get an almost naked look but keeps your modesty safe at the same time.

Option one is to wear skin colored clothing, pair brown shorts with your mask for a quick two minute outfit. Finally for most cosplay conventions you’ll have to wear some form of footwear, keep this to a minimum wearing flip flops that can be taken off for photos.

Option two is to wear a tan bodysuit, the benefit of this approach is you’ll be a lot warmer considered Halloween is in the winter but you’ll also achieve a cohesive look that comes together better than separate items of clothing.

Click Here for Invisible Bodysuit

Gollum Feet

hobbit costume shoesWhile Hobbits are known for their long hairy feet, Gollum’s are relatively hairless. Instead either go bare feet or wear discreet footwear. The same issues arise as above when going barefoot however so keep this in mind, many cosplay conventions or fancy dress parties aren’t appropriate to go barefoot.

With the difference in feet noted there isn’t a large selection of bare feet shoes for costumes at least at the time of writing every suitable option is out of stock therefore I’ll include Hobbit shoes you can use that aren’t true to the source material but make sense practically.

Click Here for Pictured Hobbit Feet

One Ring Prop

one ring propAs the final piece to the puzzle you cannot be Gollum without your one ring, it’s just not possible, so if you bring along just one accessory let it be this.

Technically he doesn’t have the ring on him very much in the movie however he does spend enough time obsessing over it that it’s associated with the character.

Thankfully as a prop you’ll be immune to the charms of the ring, no chance of losing your mind over it. Some replicas come in special gift boxes doubling up as collector’s items as well as an accessory.

Click Here for Ring Prop

There you have it a completed Gollum outfit with all the trimmings, now all that’s left is to get your friends along as the whole clan: Legolas, Gandalf, Aragorn etc.

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