Group costume idea: Scooby Doo Gang

Do you know what would be a brilliant group costume idea for people of all ages? A Scooby Doo one centering around the characters of Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne who are all iconic characters from the hit mystery cartoon series and live-action movies.

I can vividly remember watching the cartoon series late at night as a kid, probably not the best idea and I just loved all of my mystery and especially the characters of Scooby and Shaggy as they were probably the most realistic. I also really enjoyed the live action movies and anyone can enjoy those no matter what age they are.


First off is Fred who is the leader of the gang who is the one who makes all of the traps to foil all of the villains in the show not that his plans ever work correctly as Shaggy and Scooby always mess them up.

His outfit is pretty simple to recreate as all you will need is some basic blue denim jeans or pants, a white t-shirt and an orange tie or scarf as I have seen some people wearing.


Daphne and Fred make for a brilliant couples costume that is sure to be popular, often Fred Daphne and Velma team up when hunting for monsters but often Velma joins Scooby and Shaggy and leaves Daphne and Fred as a pair.

For this outfit you will need a dark purple mini dress with a light purple belt to accent it with pink leggings to go underneath. Besides that you will need a green scarf much like Fred’s (see they coordinate), a long ginger wig with a light purple headband in that to match the belt and finally some flats of your choice.

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Velma is the ‘brains’ of the gang and this is reinforced by her wearing glasses which is of course a typical geek stereotype, I remember a scene from the movie were she tries to dress ‘sexy’ to impress a guy but then realizes that isn’t who she is and she should be Velma not anyone else.

Her costume is quite simple consisting of a large orange turtleneck, a red skirt with pleats, orange tight, red shoes and of course her square shaped glasses. Her hair is extremely short and a reddish-brown color.

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Shaggy much like Scooby is the scaredy cat of the group and is always seen eating instead of solving crimes, the saying dog is a man’s best friend sure rings true because the duo are inseparable and are often seen cowering together in fear when a monster comes near.

This is possibly the simplest outfit of the lot as it consists of just a green shirt and brown pants/trousers. If you have light brown hair you are all set to go. It also helps if you are rather tall and skinny to fit the role better but it will not hurt if you aren’t.

Scooby Doooo!

Last but definitely not least is the star of the show of which it is named after of course, the cowardly dog who is obsessed with snacks and can be bribed to do anything for them. There is definitely a lot of comic appeal attached to this character and is probably why he is loved so much and why people can relate to him in a way as we all have childlike fears at some point in our lives.

This costume isn’t as simple as throwing on some clothes from your closet like the other unfortunately if you want to replicate everything perfect although you can still do a good job by using a brown onesie (footed pajamas) and adapting it a little. The best option is a store bought one of find something online that looks more official. Either way I am sure ou will have tremendous fun at whatever event  you decide to attend.

What is really great about all of these is they are very simple and easy to pull off with clothes you buy from the thrift store of stuff you already have not being using in your closet.

I welcome comments below and will try my best to get back to you if you have any queries or suggestions, photos are also appreciated.

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