Group costume idea: The Incredibles

I really liked the Incredibles movie (there is a sequel in the works as of 2014), I felt it brought the concept of superheros back to basics almost as it has two very simple heroes in the shape of Mr Incredible who is simply strong and Dash who is simply  super fast. The powers are simple compared to other superheroes and so we can almost relate when they want to fit in and feel ‘normal’.

You may have also noticed that The Incredibles are quite similar to the Fantastic Four crew for example Violet and Invisible Woman can both go invisible and create forcefields and Mrs Incredible/Elastagirl and Mr Fantastic can both stretch their bodies to unbelievable lengths. I think the idea of a family unit is attractive to a viewer and that is why these two series are so popular and take elements from each other.

Mr Incredible

The movie is generally focused on Mr Incredibles escapades with his best friend Frozone and later on as he teams up with his family. Although what he does may put his family in danger indirectly he is very protective and wouldn’t do anything to cause them harm.

His costume is pretty much in line with the other family members one’s wich consists of a durable spandex like red ‘super suit’ as it is referred to in the movie which makes sure his chest muscles are almost visible through the fabric which is created by Edna Mode.

He also wears tight superhero pants/trousers which again show off his muscles and black underpants (cliché) outside his pants with an orange band above the pants.

The finishing touches are simply the Incredibles logo on his chest, some black shoes and gloves and finally a black eye mask to conceal his identity even if it doesn’t do that good of a job!


She is Bob Parr (Mr Incredibles) wife and has the power of extreme stretchiness hence the nickname. Although she appears to be a typical housewife she isn’t and is a feminist and extremely fiery person who isn’t afraid of saving the day even if she is slightly annoyed by her husbands antics.

Although in the movie her super suit is made from different materials and has different capabilities than her husbands in the movie visually they are exactly the same.


Dash is a lot more mischievous than his sister and regularly uses his powers to his advantage in everyday life by winning races thanks to this super fast speed and playing pranks on people, therefore his powers are well practiced and honed however he is a little more immature than his sister and may not think things through before he does them.

The costume is the same as his fathers and mothers.


Violet’s powers are probably the least developed of anyone’s even baby Jack Jack’s, she has a hard time coming to terms with and using her powers but thankfully her effort pays off when the family needs it most.

Again her outfit is the same as everyone else’s and probably why the whole group looks so good together as they are all uniform. So if you are a family that enjoys dressing in matching outfits this is ideal for you.

Baby Jack Jack

Baby Jack Jack is the final addition to the Incredibles and is a great idea for little children who are 6 months to a year old for Halloween. Just when he is getting kidnapped by Syndrome to be used as a sidekick his powers emerge. His powers are a lot more varied and volatile than the rest of his family’s.

His costume needs no instructions as its the same as his parents and siblings one’s.


Syndrome is often listed in best animated villain lists and best Pixar villain lists and for good reason. He quickly went from being Bob’s mega fan to being his archenemy, either way all he wants is some attention and appreciation.

Syndrome made the costume and gadgets he needed to emulate superheros himself. The base to the costume is a black jumpsuit which he wears white underpants over and has a large white S (which you can make out of felt) on it.

Finally he wears white gloves and shoes and a black eye mask to hide his identity. His hair is orange and spiked up really high. Overall you can see he copies many of the elements of the Incredibles family costumes.

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