Henry Hugglemonster Costume

Henry Huggle Monster is a fictional character form the hit kids show of the same name. He is five years old and lives with his mom, dad, and three siblings in Monstersville. Henry is a good “child” and is constantly helping out his siblings and family.

The show teaches children at young ages to always help if they can as well as helping at home with daily chores and their siblings. The show is meant to teach responsibility and kindness to others above anything.

While there aren’t any official costume available at the time of writing with a little imagination you can put together something that looks pretty close to the character.
You will need:

  •     A yellow onesie set or pants and long sleeved sweatshirt.
  •     A pair of jeans or another pair of yellow sweatpants.
  •     ¾ of a yard of blur material. (preferably cotton)
  •     ½ yard of green cotton material
  •     Fabric glue or stitch witch
  •     A reference picture of Henry the Huggle Monster

The first step in creating your Henry Huggle Monster costume is by taking a yellow onesie as the base, it’s onto this you can add colored felt to replicate the blue and yellow belly, wings and horns.

Next you will then need to cut off about 1 foot length of the blue material for the monster horns that go on top of the head piece. You will need to refer to your picture to get an idea of how to create the horns that go on the head piece.

Click Here for Yellow Onesie 

You will also need about 6 inches of the green material for the head piece. First you will cut the blue material into the shape of the horns. (Again refer to the picture for proper idea of how to do this.)

Cut off two inch wide strips about 2 inches long from the green material and wrap one around the longest blue horn on each end of the horns. You can sew this on or you can use the stitch witch. Whichever suits you best and is easier for you.

Cut another small piece of the green material such as felt into a triangle shape and glue, sew, or stitch witch the piece in the middle of the head portion.

Next you will need to cut about a two foot long piece of the blue fabric and cut it in half to make it look like monster wings.

You will then assemble the wings one on each side of the back of the sweatshirt with thread, stitch witch, or fabric glue. Set the shirt aside to let dry if using fabric glue. This shouldn’t take long to dry.

Click Here for Felt Supplies

Take the remaining pieces of the blue and green material and cut one blue and one green half oval shape out of the material and set them aside. You then need to cut out two more pieces one from each color about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide.

After you have these cut out you will need to assemble them on the front of the shirt to look like a full oval alternating the colors. Stitch witch, sew, or glue the pieces to the front of the yellow sweatshirt.

The last thing you have left to do is cut out the shapes for the eyes and the mouth for the face of the costume. You will also need to cut out a few triangle shapes for the teeth. Glue the finishing touches onto the head piece and you now have a homemade

Henry the Huggle Monster costume for your little one. All that’s left now is to get lots of candy and have fun.

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