Hermione Costume

hermione costumeA Hermione costume is an ideal choice for any girl fan of the spellbinding Harry Potter series of books and movies, she is the main female character of the franchise alongside her best friends Ron and Harry.

She is definetly the most intelligent of the trio and it’s because of this that J K Rowling considered putting her into Ravenclaw house at one point however as we know she was chosen for Gryffindor instead, not that being in Ravenclaw is bad there have been many notable wizards and witches from that house such as ‘Loony’ Luna Lovegood.

She can come across as bossy or as a know it all especially in the first few movies where the others haven’t got to know her yet but later on in the series especially in the final two movies her quick thinking and resourcefulness is essential to their survival.

Gryffindor Robes

gryffindor robesAs I mentioned above it was Gryffindor house that Granger was sorted in and so she wears her robes with the lion crest on it. There are robes available for both children and adults. Both outfits comes with the lined hooded robe, clasp to keep it in place and emblem.

If you want to go the do it yourself route however you could wear a black or gray button up cardigan like Hermione is seen wearing from time to time and leave out the lion crest.

Underneath the robes or cardigan wear a white shirt and red and yellow tie. Pair that cardigan with a black pair of pants of skirt like the reference image at the top.

Click Here for Pictured Robes

Hermione Granger Wand

hermione wandLike any great witch Hermione knows how to wield and use her wand for the best effect even early on she had an extensive knowledge of different spells and jinxes as displayed in the fourth book when Mad Eye Moody asks about the three unforgivable curses.

Her wand is ten and a three quarter inches made of vine wood and with a dragon heartstring core, it is presumed she obtained hers like everyone else at the age of eleven while shopping at Ollivanders.

Here is a replica wand that will work perfect for this character presented in a gift box for safe keeping later.

Click Here for Pictured Wand

Hermione Wig

Finally her bushy brown hair which is a lot less wild the further the series goes along. Here is a good wig that matches the character well. The main reason you’d need a wig is if your hair isn’t brown otherwise keeping your hair as it is is fine too.

The policy at Hogwarts was that every student may bring an animal with them which could be a cat, owl or toad although we all know Ron bought a rat with him. Crookshanks the cat  who didn’t get on with Scabbers was Hermione’s companion, bring along your ginger cat or plush for a finishing touch.

This is the perfect choice for couples too, Ron and Hermione become a couple later on in the series and afterwards have two children together (Rose and Hugo Weasley), here is the tutorial for him that siblings, couples and even friends can dress as.

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