Hiro Hamada Costume

hiro hamada costume

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Big Hero 6 was yet another movie that hit it out of the park for Disney becoming a hit in the winter of 2014 managing to gross well over six hundred million dollars (over half a billion), however I predict that it will be Halloween 2015 where things really kick off as people dress up as a characters.

Today I want to bring you Hiro Hamada’s costume tutorial, beside the big friendly robot Baymax Hiro’s outfit will be quite popular especially for young boys and tomboys and other fans of the movie.

I like how Disney has done something different with this latest movie as it is based on a Marvel comic, they did a good job of transferring it over from cult classic to blockbuster for their audience.

Hiro isn’t exactly an ‘ordinary’ boy in fact he’s a robotics genius, a prodigy if you like  from the futuristic town of San Fransokyo. He forms a group of superheroes to fight against a mighty villain, typical good versus evil stuff. 


navy hoodieLet’s start on the clothing first, this outfit is incredibly simple and if you don’t order the items online you can easily find them in the local thrift store although you may need to go back a few times as new stock rotates.

Firstly is Hiro’s dark blue hoodie, once a suitable hoodie has been found you can move onto the t shirt. Here on the left is a navy blue hoodie that you can use to replicate this character.

I’ve chosen this one specifically because it is less pricey then some of the others on offer, of course you want something of good quality however if you’re only going to wear it once it’s okay if it’s made of slightly thinner material that isn’t the best at keep your warm.

Click Here for Blue Hoodie

Hiro Hamada Costume T Shirt

hiro t shirt

With the hoodie zip open we can see that he is wearing a red t shirt with an image of a robot on it. For simplicity just wear a plain red shirt or jumper (whichever is on hand).

Strictly speaking this t shirt that I have chosen for you isn’t what Hiro wears in the movies however his does have a little robot image on it, that design isn’t available except on sites like Etsy however if you get this shirt you (or your child) can wear it as a fan after Halloween has ended and people will still know what character you are.

Click Here for Robot T Shirt

Cargo Pants

Next, pants and footwear. All you will need for this is two very simple items of clothing. A pair of tan cargo pants, these are fairly short. Then a pair of green converse with yellow laces.

Hiro Hamada Wig

black anime wigNow that we have clothing sorted we can move onto the hair. Hiro has very distinctive spiky black hair which is a typical anime/manga style which means there are plenty of wig options available.

Here is a wig you can use, there isn’t many ‘official’ wig available for this character however I find even these aren’t complete replicas therefore any black anime style wig will be sufficient.

Wigs aside you may want to style your own hair if you’re feeling creative, do this by applying black hair spray then using plenty of gel to spike your hair up until you get the desired effect.

Click Here for Wig

Hiro Hamada Superhero Helmet

We are almost done now but don’t forget there is another side to Hiro that we see in the movies that will play a crucial part to his costume. When he becomes a superhero he takes on a whole new look with Transformer like armour and mask. Here is said orange and purple mask that not only helps fight baddies but comes with comfortable padding and adjustable head strap.


Makeup is totally optionally however there are a few things you can do with makeup to enhance this look and give people a better idea of what character you are portraying. Firstly Hiro has very large eyes similar to how anime artists do theirs.

We can replicate this by using circle lenses, these can be brown to match the character’s eye color or black if it would blend with your natural colour better, this will give the illusion of an enlarged iris. Another thing to do is apply white on your waterline and inner crease of the eye.Finally if you are a girl false lashes are perfect for exaggerating the size of your eyes, this with a combination of mascara is even better.

Once Halloween celebrations are done all of these items are great for day to day wear too, as Hiro is just an ordinary kid after all.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding more Big Hero 6 themed tutorials to the site, so if you enjoy the movie make sure you keep and eye out and as always if you need any help with any of the instructions provided please pop a comment in the box below.

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