How to do Unzipped Halloween Makeup

I think one of the coolest Halloween makeup ideas is the unzipped face, when done correctly it creates an amazing effect that has to be seen to believed.

If I wasn’t writing this article I would have no idea how it is achieved, I was getting my mind totally bamboozled until I hopped on YouTube to see how it is done and I think you’ll agree whoever came up with this idea is very smart.

What I love about YouTube is that is provides a way for things like this to get popular, it is one thing reading about it on a blog but seeing it in a video is not something you can compete with.

This is one of the best videos I could find to help instruct you (I’ve watched a lot) and it has over nine million views which is crazy but I can totally see why.

To copy the idea from this video this is what you’ll need:

1.A zipper of choice

Chose a short zipper (you can get one from craft stores, or online) if you only want to go down to your chin area, if you want to go all the way down to your neck area then you’ll need a longer one aswell as a shirt or something to cover the ends. I recommend a short one like the one in the video so you can follow along easier.

2.Cut off any excess material

I’m referring to any excess material around the zipper, you need to get rid of this to make it easier to hid it so it can blend in with your face. However make sure there is enough excess material that you can use to glue the zipper to your face.

3.Position it into place

Put the zipper part coming down from the bridge of your nose and the two flaps coming to either side of your chin. If you want to do an alternate style position it appropriately.

4.Apply liquid latex

You are going to stick it on now, when you have it correctly placed how you want it take it off and underneath apply generous amount of liquid latex to the area using a brush you do not mind throwing out afterwards.

Then stick it down into place firmly, added more latex where needed. Alternatively you can use eyelash glue, which is probably more convenient.

5.Use tissue to create fake skin

You are almost going to paper-mache your face but with latex instead of PVA glue (you probably used a different type as a child if you are outside of the UK). Decide on the amount of fake skin you want and use the necessary amount of tissue. Apply tissue and then latex multiple times until it has gone hard and covered the area. It’ll need around fifteen minutes to dry afterwards.

6.Apply concealer to the tissue

You will then need a high density product, concealer is recommended and apply this to the area as best as you can don’t worry if you cannot fill everything that will come later.

7.Add foundation to fill in the rest

Next get a liquid makeup product (foundation is recommended) so that it can fill in the gaps you weren’t able to before with the concealer, apply it as before as best as you can until you get the desired affect.

8.Set your makeup

Now you want to use a powered product to set it all.

9.Partially peel some off

As you want to have the appearance that your skin is peeling off that’s what you want to do at the bottom where the tissue was glued to your neck areas this will create two flaps.

10.Dry blood

We are almost at the end now, the last part is applying blood. You do not need two coats of blood although it will make it look more realistic. The first coat is dry blood, make sure you get it into all of the crevices. Depending on your product of choice you may find the dry blood has a strong smell so if you are sensitive to things like this I would give it a miss.

After that you can add some detail with black makeup (blood is not all read especially if you have an open wound).

11. Wet blood

Now apply wet blood generously.

For a Zombie Effect

Besides just a plain face I have seen a lot of people put a Zombie spin on this which looks even cooler if that was possible, you can do something similar by way of how you apply your makeup paying close attention to your eyes. There are literally dozens of ways you can make this unique

  • Geek Zombie
  • Vampire
  • Nerd Girl
  • Unzipped eyes instead of full face
  • Put in red contacts to match the color

Happy Halloweening!

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