How to make a Cruella Deville costume

cruella deville costume

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Cruella Deville may very well be one of the world’s most known movie villains. This character is based out of the original 1956 novel that later became a Disney animated family movie called One Hundred and One Dalmatians. There was another sequel to the movie called 102 Dalmatians.

Cruella was most known for her love of fur coats in which she would go to any lengths to get her hands on. In the movie 101 Dalmatians she runs into a girl whom she went to high school with who has two adult Dalmatian dogs that just had puppies. When she lays her eyes on the puppies she immediately hatches the plan to puppy nap the dogs and use their puppy fur to make her very own Dalmatian fur coat.

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The first part is her trademark black and white wig to match the dogs she so craves, one half is one color and the other the other color, you can find this one to the left and some other options here. There is another one that is quite glamorous if you want to take that slant, although she is a very messy looking woman.



Working from the top and making your way down, the next part is the outfit itself which consists of her dress, fur coat (obviously) red gloves.

You can either go with the one to the left as above or check out some other options that might tickle your fancy.

Chances are you have something in your own closet for this or you could go to the thrift store and find something.


toy cigaratte holder

To finish it all off you are going to want to add in all of the accessories namely the cigarette holder (don’t forget this),red satin gloves and red heels.

Once you put all of these elements together you are going to get one amazing outfit that will help you stand out at Halloween and for cosplay.

She was always known for her devious ways and cruel attitude towards other people. In order to get what she wanted she would pretend to friends with the people she wanted something from. Now Cruella was a very rich woman and could easily get just about anything she wanted. When she offered to buy the puppies from the woman and her husband they respectfully declined her offer.

Homemade tutorial:

The villainous was then furious and hatched her new evil plan to steal the puppies. She hired two men to do the dirty work for her.
In order to make your very own costume inspired by this character you will need the following items:

  •     A Cruella Deville wig. These can be found at your local Halloween or party stores. You can also substitute the wig with a box of temporary white and black wash out hair dye instead.
  •     A black skirt and long sleeved black shirt or you can use a long sleeved black dress as well.
  •     Two and half yards of Dalmatian material from your local fabric store.
  •     Two yards of red fur also found at your local fabric store.
  •     One yard of white fur that is also found at your local fabric store.
  •     One pair of red tights. You can find these at your local clothing stores.
  •     Small fabric tote bag
  •     A pair of black and white high heeled shoes.
  •     One roll of stitch witch
  •     1 tube of fabric glue

The first thing you will need to do is take the two yards of Dalmatian material and cut it to match your height. Once you have cut off the extra material you then take the end of the material you cut and fold it over about two inches.

Then you take the needle and thread and sew the folded part at the bottom. Leave it to where you can run a draw string through the hole. To finish the Dalmatian cape take the two yards of red fur and cut it in half. This should be the same length as your cape. Take both pieces and sew or glue to each side of the cape. This will complete the cape part of your costume.
The dress and/or skirt and shirt:

This step is where you will need the white fur. Cut the white fir in lengths to match the bottom of the sleeves, the bottom of the shirt and the bottom of the skirt. After you have all of your pieces cut, glue or sew them into place on the clothing outfit.

Your next step will be to fix your small hand tote. Take the left over Dalmatian material and cover the hand tote with it. You will need to use the fabric glue for this step. It will hold better and is a lot easier than sewing it to the hand tote.

The remainder of the outfit is just putting it on and looking fabulous in your home made Cruella Deville costume. Remember you can always option out and just buy the costume of your not very creative when it comes to throwing things together or sewing.

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