How to Make a Pippi Longstocking Costume

pippi longstocking costume

photo credit: mmechtley

I have very fond memories of reading the Pippi Longstocking book as a child, I was someone who would often be buried in a book rather than doing sports activities or anything outside and in a way I still am. One thing that stood out to be was how independent Pippi was and how she coped without any parents which seemed like a million miles away from my reality at the time.

I believe her father is a seamen and he went on an adventure without her which would explain her fierce independence and taste for adventure. The only humans she interacts with are the two child neighbors next door.

In this article I am going to assemble to parts to create a Pippi Longstocking Costume of your own, this will be ideal for a World Book Day event for your child at school or for Halloween as I know book themed costumes are extremely popular.

How to Make Pippi Longstockings’ Wig

The first thing you may notice about Pippi is her hair and you wouldn’t be the only one, it’s not often you see someone with hair that looks like it could only be supported with thick wires (which it probably is), and so your wig of choice is an important part of making this outfit stand out and reflect the character accurately.

With the hair being so crucial I’ll start with that.You can either do braids that fall to either side or you can take on the gravity defying characteristic using pipe cleaners being careful that you do not get your hand tangled. The color is not the most usually being orange so you’ll either need some dye or a wig.

wigBe very careful when choosing a wig as some will fall to the side and others will have wire in them to keep them afloat. Also keep size in mind, it may sounds like a simple thing but I saw a LOT of comments on Amazon talking about how it did not fit properly. I like the one pictured the best as it’s better fitting and realistic similar texture to real hair.

One last thing for the hair is bows, the color of these really do no matter although light blue or pink are good choices.

Denim Overalls and Shirt

Next up, choose a pair of blue denim overalls to wear and underneath that a red long sleeved shirt alternatively a red and white stripped one.

Fortunately you can find these items at the thrift store if you do not already own them. Getting them from a thrift store would actually work in your favor as you want to make them look a little ragged and stitch on a couple squares of fabric randomly to create patches.


There is no way you can pull off this costume without a pair of stockings, duh! The name says it all. Red and white is suitable for these too, this is a popular choice as are one brown and one orange on each leg.


The final thing to take care of is the footwear, for this you’ll need a pair of black dolly shoes as they are called.

Her Monkey

A plush monkey such as the one pictured to carry would make a great accompaniment to this outfit, the monkey in question is Mr Nilsson who lives with her in her house along with her beloved horse.

She may be a child but she is known to be incredibly strong, most notably she can lift her horse up with one hand! Now this outfit will not instantly give you those powers but it sure will make you feel powerful on Halloween or at a cosplay convention.

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