Howard Wolowitz Costume

Howard Wolowitz Costume

photo credit: pikawil100

Here is a Howard Wolowitz costume tutorial for any Big Bang Theory fanatic like me! The show is one I like to watch whenever I can, I rarely record it because it reruns so much just like Friends used to and normally there is a light hearted episode I can flick on and lighten up my day.

Out of all of the characters Sheldon is my favourite and Howard is my second (sorry Sheldon is just too funny and geeky to ignore and he wears cool t shirts). Nevertheless Howard’s choice of clothing is nothing short of funny with his tight trousers.

Howard is the polar opposite to Raj who is his best friend as he has no problem speaking to women whereas Raj would freeze up in the same situation unless he was drunk.

However just because he can talk to women doesn’t mean his pick up lines work, on the contrary he can come across as extremely sleazy. Thankfully he has settled down with fellow scientist Bernadette. Sadly there are no pre-made costumes available for this character as he isn’t as popular as Sheldon for example however I see that as a good thing, you may need to do some searching for items to make it yourself however at the end you get a unique outfit that no one else has.

Howard Wolowitz Turtleneck

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You will not see Mr Wolowitz without a turtle-neck on underneath his shirt and so that is the first part to this, any color will do although for this guide I’m gonna go with red.

Next over the turtleneck, a red and white plaid shirt is what’s required. Looking at the reference image above you can see this is exactly what that person is doing.

Howard Wolowitz Belt Buckles

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The jeans he normally wears are red and at times can look a little tight so take that and run with it. The final part to consider for the jeans is a belt, they’re so small they’d probably stay on without a belt but nevertheless you can wear one to add a touch of geek.

The geek part being that the belt buckle should be nerdy perhaps an NES controller or a Captain America shield one either way choose something to your liking. Above I have selected the perfect Nintendo themed belt buckle you can use over your normal belt even better a red belt.


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Getting the hair right is a crucial part and will work well to tie the whole thing together, it looks as if his mom put a bowl on his head and started cutting (she probably did) so that is the sort of look you are going for.

Most short brown wigs will be in this style so you’ll have no problem finding something suitable. The above wig is one that you can use if your hair is not the correct style.


The last part is what shoes you will wear, generally I suggest that any pair will do as long as they are plain and won’t throw people off the scent of who you are dressing up as but for more authenticity a pair of Converse or Vans sneakers.

While this may not be the hardest cosplay to put together it will sure be rewarding when you see the end result, even better if you go as a group to the event or party you are attended with each friend being a different character.

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