Ice King (Adventure Time) Costume

ice king costume

photo credit: Flickr

The Ice King is one of the main characters in the hit series Adventure time and today you can learn how to create his costume from scratch diy.

We are first introduced to him in the pilot episode where we get some major ‘Bowser vibes’ off him as he has kidnapped and imprisoned Princess Bubblegum in his castle and won’t let her go.

He does this again with another bunch of characters he wants to marry a few episodes later both times Finn and Jake have to come to the rescue. It’s here that we realise he has serious issues and although he’s done a lot of bad we also can’t help but feel a little sorry for him.


The first part is the clothing but this is super simple, all you will need is a plain dark blue dress or gown that will go all the way down to the ground and give the appearance that you are floating.

Above is a child’s pre-made outfit for ease that includes the robe and crown so you don’t need to make either yourself.

Face & Makeup

The face is the next part to work on and will take a bit more effort. Firstly as a base going with the blue colour scheme paint your face lightly as well as your hands.

Time to look like Santa, now you’ll need an equally long beard that will pretty much cover your face. A good choice is a wig and beard set so that you have both areas covered.

As well as the beard being white your eyebrows have to match (aswell as your eyes but we’ll discuss that below) do this using either white eye-shadow or left over face paint just make sure it won’t get in your eyes.

Don’t worry about the eyes too much you can keep your how they are or use contacts, no biggie.

The final part of the face is a minor detail but one you shouldn’t forget. You may have noticed the Ice King has an exceptionally long nose, to recreate this your can use card or buy pre-made such as the one I have pictured above and then paint light blue to match the rest of your face.


The final part is the yellow and red jewelled crown you will put on your head fit for a king, well an evil one in this case. To create the crown gather sturdy yellow card and fake red jewels.

Create the trident outline before you start cutting, the middle juts out above the other two points. Then loop it around and glue or tape together securely. Use old jewellery for the red stones or pick something suitable from the crafts or dollar store.

Kill two figurative birds with one stone by getting the beanie and beard combo, I did want to link to the separate crown on its own but there is none that are yellow with the red gemstone in the centre.

I hope this article has helped you in some way. What I love about cartoon costumes is when you got to recreate them they look difficult to begin with but when all of the little individual aspects are dissected it becomes a lot easier.

The final product should look something like these two reference images, although I think you’ll agree it’s best not the push your luck with Fionna.

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