Imperator Furiosa Costume

Imperator Furiosa CostumeMad Max: Fury Road was a movie that almost didn’t happen, in development since 2001 however due to several real life events which conflicted with the movies controversial plot producers decided to delay it multiple times even toying with the idea of a 3d animated movie instead before finally sticking with a live-action movie instead.

Once Tom Hardy was cast in 2010, originally planned for Mel Gibson to star as Max however with development coming to a halt earlier on he quickly lost interest, filming could begin in 2011. It eventually went on to achieve a modest $367million at the box office against a budget of $150milion.

Despite such a mediocre performance at the box office the fourth instalment of the Mad Max series was released to critical acclaim and highly positive reviews from both movie goers and critics alike with infamously critical Rotten Tomatoes giving it an almost perfect score of 98%.

Below I’ll be showing you how to create your own Imperator Furiosa Costume from scratch including her blouse, belts, boots, shoulder pad, corset, goggles, hair and makeup.

Mad Max Furiosa Costume

Active Basic Womens Plain Basic Deep Scoop Neck T-Shirt with Cap Sleeves,Small,Heather Tan

Alongside Tom Hardy as Max we have Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa, the two have top notch outfits with striking make-up to boot, today we’ll be analysing and dissecting Mad Max Furiosa costume in time for Halloween and cosplay conventions.

Let’s start with Furiosa’s blouse making up a large segment of her outfit. a tan scoop neck blouse made of loose ragged material, with a dirty finish to match the sandy environment. It may be a simple blouse on first inspection but looking a little closer a few detail begin to pop out such as left sleeves being longer. Use our chosen blouse above and cut the right sleeves to add this detail.

Underbust Corset

There are plenty of layers to catch the eye here which includes the next item, her underbust corset. As this is covered by several belts you don’t need to be detailed her, a simple piece of dark brown/black fabric will work well wrapped around your waist.

Steampunk Belts

1403BTB7CS -Ladies Brown Western/Steampunk Lace Cutout Fish Scales Texture Full grain Leather Belt (L (fits 38Forum Novelties Women’s Steampunk Costume Corset Belt, Brown, One Size

Then she has several belts to keep each component of her outfit in place, these are brown leather belts that stand out against her other clothing items. Keep three around your waist above the corset. One to keep her prosthetic arm secured. The next belt keeps her leather pouches in place with silver chains coming off the pouches.

Old steampunk style belts are easy to source from local thrift stores otherwise we’ve listed a similar style above. Don’t forget Furiosa’s silver skull belt buckle, a small but crucial detail. Start with a reference image of the buckle, it’s a silver skill in the centre of a circle with flames rising at the top. Use the shape out of clay then paint once dry with silver acrylics.


Next let’s focus on her pants, in the movie they have what look like slits going vertically all along the length. Start with a pair of brown/tan pants or horse riding pants and add dirt and cuts vertically (not too neat) or distress with sandpaper to replicate her rustic look.

Furiosa Boots

Top Moda Pack-72 Women’s Back Buckle Lace Up Combat Boots Black 7.5Top Moda Pack-72 Black Military Lace up Mid Calf Combat Boot (6.5 B(M) US, Premium Black+)

We’re almost done, now we need appropriate footwear. As someone who needs to get from a to b without hassle through rough terrains you can imagine how heavy duty her boots are. We want a pair of black motorbike or combat boots that look tough and optionally have a loop and hook enclosure around your ankles.

Furiosa Mad Max Shoulder Pad

The Natural Charcoal Shoulder Pads w/ Flaps (Regular)

Finally Furiosa’s black shoulder pad that goes above her prosthetic arm. This is a black padded shoulder piece that you’ll be familiar with if you’ve watched the previous Mad Max or other post apocalyptic themed movies.

The shoulder pad is kept in place by another belt strapped across her torso, other than the black charcoal pads above a good way to create these yourself is using old football shoulder pads spray painted black.

Furiosa Prosthetic Arm

For a replica of her prosthetic arm a good bet is to check out sites like Etsy where there are already several sellers creating Mad Max themed items.

Imperator Furiosa Makeup

To pull of Furiosa’s iconic look you’ll want to get makeup and hair right, clothing is exceptionally important but makeup and hair will really pull everything together. The first thing to sort out is her hairstyle, her short brown hair is not a common look so you’ll either look a wig using a bald cap to hide your natural hair or if you’re feeling brave go for a big chop.

Next up is makeup, check out this quick four minute tutorial to use as a guide. Basically you want to apply black body paint to your forehead, dabbing softly until you achieve a shadowed effect.  Then apply black eyeliner onto your waterline. Finally darken your eyebrows to create a consistent finish.

Steampunk Goggles

Leegoal New Sell Vintage Steampunk Goggles Glasses Welding Cyber Punk Gothic (Black)Hobart 770096 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggle – 50mm Eye Cup

Another aspect to her outfit is a pair of black steampunk style goggles, this isn’t worn for the majority of the movie so if you want leave this detail out however it will definitely add something to your overall look. The above goggles are almost exactly like Furiosa’s shown in motorbike scenes however one small detail missing is the ruched elastic strap but this can only be seen from behind.

It took the directors a while to decide how this movie was going to come together but thank goodness they did eventually as the end as the result was amazing, baffling critics with realistic stunt scenes, perfect action and a tight storyline. I believe for Halloween Imperator Furiosa’s cosplay will be extremely popular.

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