Inside Out Fear Costume

inside out fear costumeToday we are focusing on the final emotion out of five from the newest hit by Disney Pixar Inside Out: Fear. He provides much comic relief throughout the movie although we don’t see as much of him as he is always running away out of shot whenever something frightens him.

The story goes that young Riley is moving home and with this comes a lot of emotional distress for her causing an imbalance in her ‘headquarters’ where ultimately Sadness and Joy end up desperately trying to find a way back before they disappear forever. So it’s up to Anger, Disgust and Fear to keep things in check with predictable disastrous consequences.

I think it’s a shame the three characters of Disgust, Anger and Fear don’t get as much screen time while in the headquarters and I hope this is something Disney rectify in a sequel.

If I had to dress up as one of the Inside Out crew it would definitely be Fear, being a guy and as I believe I have the height to pull it off also Anger’s outfit doesn’t appeal as much with Fear’s having a pop of color as opposed to boring business-like attire. 

Fear Inside Out Costume

Little Boy’s Long Sleeves Solid Dress

Annoyingly there are no official Fear costumes available (at the time of writing) not even for pre-order like some of the other characters such as Joy, Disgust and Anger at neither Amazon or other Halloween specialist retailers online therefore you’ll need to put the pieces of his outfit together yourself, but don’t dismay here’s how to do it.

As you can see by the main image above the main colors of Fear’s clothing are purple and black and white argyle. Starting with a plain lilac shirt (white striped to be exact) from your existing closet or thrift store.

Argyle Vest

Men’s Argyle Sweater Golf Vest –LE3NO Mens Casual Colored Skinny Cotton

Over that he wears a striking black and white argyle pattern vest shirt. As a final touch wear a dark purple bow tie. Pants are of course….purple and we’re almost done. Finish off with appropriate footwear, we don’t need anymore purple so black will do.

Here are the two items you’ll need straight from Amazon to your front door, and you don’t have to worry about them going out of stock compared to Halloween costumes which fly off the virtual shelves.

Inside Out Fear Makeup

AMSCAN Face Paint, 1-Ounce, Purple

Now that clothing is sorted move onto facepaint. To be honest I’ve never heard of the saying ‘purple with fear’ however each Inside Out member is designed to personify whichever emotion they are and I think in this instance the color purple works well. Remember to cover face and neck areas aswell as hands if you want to.

After facepaint the final feature to consider is Fear’s massive bushy eyebrows that stand out against his face.

I love what Promise Phan does on her channel, here’s a tutorial that will come in handy for this character but includes all the Inside Out crew. Sadly there isn’t any tutorials directed at just Fear that I could find so skip to the appropriate section in the five minute video to check out just his look.

While the character didn’t get as much airtime considering he’s always scampering off the screen shrieking at whatever has frightened him that doesn’t mean you cannot have fun dressing up as him this year along with the others such as Joy, Sadness, Anger and Disgust. Check out the tutorials for them below.


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