Jack Frost Costume

jack frost costume

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If you’ve spent any time browsing Pinterest for cosplay ideas it becomes apparent quite quickly that a Jack Frost costume is particularly popular, especially after Frozen was released and fans went crazy for a winter themed crossover.

If you didn’t already know Jack is the main protagonist from the movie Rise of the Guardians released back in 2012, it’s a fantasy film centred around several guardians who enlist Jack to save the world from eternal darkness.

There are two different appearances we could cover in this article but to keep things simple we’ll stick with how he looks as a guardian, before he gained any powers he actually had brown eyes and hair with a brown poncho to protect him from the cold and his personality was almost polar opposite, (pardon the pun) he didn’t even like wearing skates. 

jack frost hoodie


The first item of clothing is Jack’s hoodie, this can be as easy as you like (but less accurate) or a little trickier (but more accurate). Either use a generic blue hooide from the thrift store and pair that with plastic snowflakes from the dollar store. Stick these onto your hoodie and you have the finished item.

For a more accurate version use the same blue sweatshirt as you would for the first but this time use a white or silver Sharpie or similar pen to add detail.

For premade options this is the only one I found at the time of writing, closer to Halloween it may not be in stock so you’ll have to opt for the homemade options as suggested above.

Click Here for Pictured Shirt

Secondly pair this with a pair of brown pants or slacks, at the ankles sew on separate strips of lighter brown fabric. For an added rustic touch rub sandpaper into the pants and cut the bottoms underneath the stripes of fabric.


Now to create his staff, this is similar to a shepherd’s crook. Gather supplies: an old broomstick, gift wrap roll, tissue paper, sticky tape, duct tape, paper mache clay, brown and white paint.

Start off with a broom handle and take off the ends until you have just the bare stick left. Then get a gift wrap tube (take the wrap off before you begin) and cut this into three sections. With a reference image of the staff on hand to look at sticky tape the three sections into place onto the end of the broomstick into a ‘C’ shape.

Now wrap tissue paper up the length of your staff for a ridged effect, for added strength go over everything with duct tape paying special attention to the joint between the broom and card roll. Prepare the clay according to the instruction and keep it in one place with newspapers covering the floor to minimize mess. Apply it to the staff going one way to keep things consistent.

Once dry start painting with brown paint using a lighter brown to make the ridges stand out with highlights. Tap white paint on gently for the added effect of snow.


white wigThe final item on our ‘list’ is a wig, even a guy who personifies winter needs something to keep his head warm. In this case your hair will be an icy shade of white or light grey. Use spray in hair dye, normal dye or use a wig.

Here is a simple white ‘anime style’ spiky wig to use for this look, it’s synthetic not real hair so style options are limited however it’s already in the correct style. Either way I’ve included other wigs too if that one doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

Now it’s just a case of finishing touches, heck you don’t even need shoes for this cosplay. Don’t ask me what the guy in the reference image is wearing on his feet looks like something out of Orange is the New Black.

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