Jack Sparrow Costume

jack sparrow costume

photo credit: Flickr

A Jack Sparrow costume has been a go to outfit for men on Halloween and fancy dress parties for years, ever since the first movie (The Curse of the Black Pearl) hit theatres back in 2003 Jack was exposed to a whole new audience and the series went off in a big way.

It’s not surprising the series has been a success down in part to the amazing acting of Johnny Depp who can take almost any role and put his spin on it, not only do you have to dress as Mr Sparrow but also have to add in his quirky personality.

What I love about the Pirates of the Caribbean is they aren’t just films but epic sagas that take you to far flung destinations, two and a half hours in the movie theatre feels like you’ve been on a nautical adventure for months. 

Jack Sparrow Hat

jack sparrow hatLet’s start at the head and work our way down. Starting with banana, hat and wig. Seems like overkill but the character pulls it off very well. The hat can be anything from dark brown to black as long as it’s a typical pirates hat shaped like a triangle with a circle in the middle.

Better yet find a hat at your local thrift store to use as it will already look weathered, just what you’re going for!

Alternatively for an easy option chose the hat pictured, I much prefer brown versions of this hat as it’s a more authentic and worn look.
Click Here for Pictured Hat

Bandanna & Wig

Next on the list is the wig and bandanna combination, underneath the hat Jack wears a red bandanna partially concealing beaded dreadlocks. Chances are you don’t have locks of your own so opt for a bandanna with attached dreadlocks that can slip on under the hat.

Facial Hair

We’re not quite done with hair just yet, don’t forget pirates have plenty of facial hair and this one is no exception. Johnny Depp’s character happily parades around with both a mustache and goatee, these are beaded like the dreadlocks.

Jack Sparrow Costumes

outfitWith the head portion of the outfit completed let’s move onto clothing. As a pirate many layers are required like the hair which would be stuffy on any other occasion but on Halloween would keep you sufficiently warm without a jacket.

To make things easier on yourself opt for a premade outfit with all the pieces already in place. The outfit pictured includes everything you’ll need including: shirt, belt, pants, and bandanna set. The only item not included is boot covers.

Click Here for Pictured Costume

Tanned Pirate Makeup

Backtracking a little, with hours spent in the sun it’s understandable the character would have a tan. This can be replicated using fake tan/bronzer or if you like make-up, just don’t go overboard; subtle is better.

  • Using this video as a rough guide (don’t you love how she’s pulled off the look) start with a dark foundation as a base on your face, neck and chest areas but keep the forehead and jawline bare. Use extra bronzer on the chest areas.
  • Go in with a dark brown eye-shadow to contour the cheekbones, nose and eyes. Once these areas have been contoured use your initiative to decide which areas need extra attention. Use a lighter shadow for anywhere that requires highlights aswell.
  • Fill in your eyebrows with a dark pencil. After that smudge black eye-liner on your lash-line and if you like apply to your waterline aswell.
  • So your teeth look equally as tanned apply nicotine decay paint but not so it’s too dark.
  • To make a fake goatee look natural add natural hairs with spirit gum to the upper jawline, trimming off any excess.
  • Keep your hands consistent with your face by using a temporary body tan set with powdered bronzer. Smudge a little black paint onto your fingernails for added detail.

Pirate Costume Boots

Carribean Combat BootTalking of boots you cannot be a pirate, even a fake one without some form of footwear. In this case the costumes above do not include boot covers and so pick them up separately. Again it doesn’t matter what colour you choose but keep it dark with large cuffs to fold over.

Here is a Caribbean combat boot to use for this outfit, it comes in both black and brown, I especially like the detail on the buckles. It also comes with the folding cuffs that are crucial.

Click Here for Caribbean Combat Boots

Almost done now! The final item on the list is a weapon of some sort. Jack is rarely seen without a sword, if he was a wizard this would be his wand. Of course we’re talking foam weapons not anything that could do any real damage. Another must have accessories is Sparrow emerald green ring with details of a griffin dragon on it.

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