Jake Sully Costume

Jake Sully CostumeWhen I went to see Avatar in movie theatres in 2009 it wasn’t like anything I’d ever experienced before, it was one of the first big 3d movies that most people saw and for that reason holds a very special place in their memory.

For me it wasn’t just a movie but an immersive experience meeting the Na’vi people for the first time and watching in awe as the scenery of Pandora unfolded before my eyes.

Thanks to the huge hype and advertisement drive behind it, it quickly became the highest grossing movie of all time just surpassing Titanic by James Cameron also, which have both grossed over $2billion each at the time of writing (James Cameron is one talented and very rich man!).

Avatar Jake Sully Costume

Avatar Child’s Deluxe Costume And Mask,Avatar Jake Sully Costume And Mask,

First up you need an outfit to make up the bulk of your look, check out both the adult and child costumes I’ve chosen for you above that include everything you’ll need to transform into a Na’vi male simply add your own appropriate footwear and you’re ready to go.

For the adult set you get tan jacket with attatched black shirt, pant with tail and latex mask. The child’s set includes all the same items, keep in mind when out of use stuff your latex mask with paper to help retains its shape.

Jake Sully Wig

Avatar Jake Sully Wig, Black, OneWMU – Avatar Movie Jake Sully

If you’ve decided you want to create the outfit piece by piece or you want a 3d style wig rather than a 2d design such as one the masks above then you’ll need a wig.

Note that each set only comes with a wig nothing else pictured and can be styled using the included wig brush and cleaned with wig shampoo and cold water before use.

Jake Sully Mask

Avatar Deluxe Foam Latex Mask, JakeAvatar Child’s 3/4 Vinyl Mask, Jake

As I said above unless you pick up the premade costume sets above everything will need to be purchased separately including a mask. Again I’ve picked out two different styles of latex mask for you just in case one goes out of stock nearer to Halloween when masks are in hot demand.

After you have your mask add tan khaki pants and jacket with a black shirt underneath that to complete the look, finish off with appropriate footwear (something you’d wear in combat) to look realistic and you’re done.

Avatar Na’vi Makeup

There isn’t a well done tutorial I could find for Jake therefore you can use this Neytiri guide from my favorite face paint Youtuber Promise Phan and substitute the parts that need taking out.

Use the makeup face paint set below from Halloweencostumes.com to get you going. It includes everything you’ll need and more including: makeup, applicators, studs, glitter makeup and even latex ears to look like a true Na’vi.

Deluxe Avatar Na’vi Makeup Kit

I did consider adding Avatar cat’s eye style contacts as someone commented below as a suggestion however I could not be 100% confident in the safety of any I would recommend, it’s a personal preference but shouldn’t deter you from wearing contacts to compliment your outfit if you want.

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