Jareth Labyrinth Costume

If you’ve landed on this page then chances are you are familiar with the movie Labyrinth, which has become known as one of the most iconic movies from the 80’s staring 80’s music star David Bowie as Jareth the infamous Goblin King.

Jareth is the main villain of the film who is the king of his empire in another realm, however he is human in appearance. He takes Sarah’s baby and gives her a period of time in which to get him back if she can solve his mysterious Labyrinth.

We’ll be showing you how to make your own do it yourself Jareth Labyrinth Costume from scratch. There isn’t an official costume available but you can easily put together all the items you need to pull off a cohesive outfit, which consist of a 80’s rock star style wig, medieval style shirt and waistcoat, leggings, gloves, boots and crystal ball.

Jareth Labyrinth Wig

Long Rocker Wig - Mixed BlondeLong Rocker Wig – Mixed BlondeJareth Labyrinth David Bowie Inspired Cosplay WigJareth Labyrinth David Bowie Inspired Cosplay Wig

As I said above Jareth’s hair is reminiscent of an 80’s rock star. You can check out the two spikey blond wigs shown above or scour your local costume shops. Alternatively dye your own hair blond and use loads of styling gel to keep it in place.

Jareth The Goblin King Costume

Rubie's Costume Adult Pirate Shirt, White, One Size CostumeRubie’s Costume Adult Pirate Shirt, White, One Size CostumeWomen's Button Up Vest Top, Jet Black-MediumWomen’s Button Up Vest Top, Jet Black-Medium

Once we have the hair sorted out move onto the outfit. David Bowie’s character wears a white Victorian style shirt with ruffle design and a black waistcoat over it. You could also wear black cape or black leather jacket with prominent shoulder pads, it’s up to you what to include.

NEW Crystal Ball 50mm Clear (Crystal Balls)NEW Crystal Ball 50mm Clear (Crystal Balls)Hatch SG20P Dura-Thin Search Glove, Black, LargeHatch SG20P Dura-Thin Search Glove, Black, LargeGrey Youth Sports Ankle Length Compression TightGrey Youth Sports Ankle Length Compression Tight

There are still a few different accessories you’ll need to complete this outfit. Jareth wears a tight pair of grey tights; you could wear compression pants or leggings in this case. He also wears a pair of black leather gloves. Don’t forget a clear crystal ball that he juggles around to look even more mysterious.

Adult Black Boots Size 12Adult Black Boots Size 12

The last item you’ll need is a pair of knee high black boots. For women you could wear a pair of black boots with a heel for extra height. What is so great about this costume is it works perfect for either gender with a few adjustments!

Jareth the Goblin King Makeup

You can also add makeup to bring the whole look together. Check out this easy video tutorial for a step by step guide.

To replicate David Bowie’s blacked out eye here wear a black contact lens on one eye. Them move onto create the white and grey design around the eyes and apply eye liner and mascara.

So there you have it, everything you need to transform into the infamous Goblin King for cosplay events and Halloween parties. Before you leave check out the rest of our blog for more tutorials or follow us on social media for updates on new posts.

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