Johnny Depp Willy Wonka Costume

johnny depp willy wonka costume

photo credit: Flickr

It wasn’t until recently that I realised how much I love the costumes for each of Johnny Depp’s characters, it’s almost as if designers put in extra effort for his outfits.

I don’t know why but the first Willy Wonka movie really doesn’t tickle my taste buds so to speak, musical movies get on my nerves. It may also have to do with the fact that I was born in the late 90’s so didn’t watch it as a kid.

Contrast that to the 2005 reboot by one of my favorite directors: Tim Burton, and you have a magical combination that would give one of Wonka’s chocolates a run for its money.

Willy Wonka Costumes

kids outfitI was surprised there were any official costumes at all when I checked but there were quite a few that represent the character well such as this outfit for children.

This outfit includes:

  • Burgundy jacket
  • Black vest
  • Black and burgundy top hat

While the set pictured is aimed at children there is also an adult version available with similar items in a larger size. As always there is a do it yourself route which involves a bit more work but is rewarding nonetheless.

Click Here for Pictured Kid’s Outfit

Start with scouring thrift stores for a large burgundy jacket to wear over your clothing, you may find burgundy hard to find, red is suitable too if that’s all you can find like the reference image.

Underneath the coat you’ll need a black waistcoat with coloured collar, however pairing a plain black waistcoat with a red or green bowtie will suffice for a pop of color instead of the collar. Don’t forget the detail of silver chain strung across your vest.

To create the top hat use a plain black hat from the thrift store and attach a spare length of red ribbon to the brim. Finish off with a pair of black pants and  plain footwear.

 Willy Wonka Glasses

hypervision gogglesOne of my favorite aspects of Willy Wonka’s outfit is his trademark hypervision goggles and while they may have little use in the real world they look great and give the character a futuristic feel.

These keep out UV rays as may remember the other cast members wear them once in the TV room.

There are two kinds of glasses you find when searching for a replica, one is similar to the reference image above and the other has a hypnotism wheel pattern on it. Either is a great match to this character.

Click Here for Pictured Goggles


caneFinally is Wonka’s cane, again I don’t suppose this has any practical purpose but does add an air of mystery to the character. In the movie the cane consists of large tube filled with candy with a spherical black and white hypnotic circle head.

An exact replica is hard to find however diamond headed pimp style canes work well without looking completely out of place, what’s more you can conceal the diamond in your palm anyway.

For a similar cane to the source material start with a long transparent plastic tube, fill with hundreds and thousands until it’s full. Create the black and white patterned head using a painted ping pong ball then use a glue gun to attach the two.

Click Here for Pictured Cane

So there you have it, a complete outfit for Halloween or cosplay from a brilliant Johnny Depp/Tim Burton movie. It’s crazy to think the movie was first released ten years ago! I think you’ll agree this would be an excellent tribute toTim Burton’s classic this Halloween.

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