Katniss Everdeen Catching Fire Costume

katniss everdeen catching fire costume

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Welcome to another, yes another tutorial based on the Hunger Games trilogy. Only this time round we’ll be looking at Katniss Everdeen Catching Fire costumes. Catching Fire is the second in Suzanne Collin’s action packed dystopia series. Only this time the stakes are even higher for everyone and President Snow has be brought down.

You may be wondering why you’d need two separate guides on the same character however with the second movie a lot of things have changed especially for the main character and the people around her and with that comes a whole new array of outfits.

Not only did the second movie have a bigger budget it was also more popular at the box office but being a sequel that’s understandable nevertheless I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought Catching Fire was a massive step up from an already amazing movie. 

Katniss Catching Fire Arena Costume

arena jumpsuitThe first outfit I want to touch upon out of three is what she wears once inside the arena, it takes over eighty minutes before anyone actually steps foot in an arena to fight however once they do the action really gets going.

This has to be my favorite look of hers and the casts as the arena outfits look futuristic with a cool silver and black contrast. This is a massive different from the first games we see where Katniss is wearing all black attire including her rain-jacket paired with green pants and combat boots.

To create something similar from scratch use a black unitard or bodysuit like we’ve done with other outfits, then add in silver and white details and highlights with fabric pen.

The thing is when searching for this outfit you get results with generic sounding names nothing related to Hunger Games however they can be used just fine such as this ‘Games Hunter Jumpsuit’. It’s convenient because it’s one piece of clothing you can slip into in a rush then add a bow and arrow aswell as boots and do your hair and you’re done.

Click Here for Pictured Jumpsuit

Girl on Fire Parade Dress

metallic mini skirtAnother spectacualr outfit Katniss wore during the film that drove fans crazy was with her and Peeta on the chariot, while it seemed like an ordinary dress at first when operated streaks of fire erupt from the seemingly innocent material.

This is a similar concept to the first movie with her dress from the first interview with Caesar Flickerman however this time as I said above the budget was a lot larger and it showed, the pyrotechnics were breathtaking and therefore a lot more believable.

It’s not physically possible to recreate such dress of course and the only thing I came across when searching for a replica outfit was this silver dress which needs a pop of black to really work in the form of a skirt perhaps.

Click Here for Pictured Outfit

Capitol Party Dress

v neck prom dressThe third and final outfit to dissect is the same as depicted in the first image above. If you remember she wears this in President Snow’s Capitol party, the person above has really got this down to a ‘t’ form the see through shirt to red and black feathered dress.

I’ve searched high and low for a replica for you however barely anything comes up, I realise the character’s outfit from the first movie are a lot popular which explains a lot however don’t give up hope there is a way to create this yourself.

Start with a black ‘v’ neck prom dress to this one but attach red feathers on individually yourself using a hot glue gun. Don’t worry about the details being perfect just do the best you can.

Click Here for Pictured Dress

Katniss Catching Fire Makeup

  • This tutorial will work wonders with your capitol outfit. Start by priming your eyelids, then begin applying red gel eyeliner over your lids to create a cat eye shape. With a damp brush apply red pigment on top of the eyeliner using a patting motion.
  • Now apply a yellowy-orange shade above the red shadow using a wind-shield motion, then blend both colors together softening those harsh edges. Highlight your upper brow bone with a shimmery white shadow now.
  • Line and create a wing to emphasize your cat shape on your upper lash line using thick black gel liner. For an added pop dab red-orangey glitter onto the eyelids then for added luminosity dap a little more white glitter on top of that.
  • After that line your tearduct and water line with a white pencil, follow the shape of your white liner with black for added depth then set with powder.Wrap it all up with your favorite mascara and false lashes.
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