Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games Costume

katniss everdeen hunger games costume

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The Hunger Games series of books and movies reignited interest in everything dystopia related, with it came a cast of interesting multidimensional characters aswell as everyone’s new favourite heroine Katniss Everdeen going up against a controlling government.

Despite being born into District 12, one of the poorer districts with less perks she managed to not only win the games once but twice in Catching Fire. It helped that she was in a love triangle with Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne, something the Hunger Games viewers couldn’t get enough of.

Not only are the characters incredibly well constructed but the clothing they wear proves to be a popular choice for both cosplay conventions and Halloween. On one side you have the ordinary clothing from each district’s everyday life straight from the past as we know it and then there’s the combat clothing that looks like something out of Star Trek. 


wigWith the combat clothing being worn for the first half of the film this is one popular look of hers to recreate. People are especially attracted to her strength and courage but most of all her respect for life despite the impossible circumstance she find herself in.

First off you’ll need a wig, don’t want to be a bald Katniss! As in the picture to the side she wears her hair in a side braid, either wear a wig or style your own hair (instructions below). If your hair isn’t brown spray or dye is always a good option.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

Combat Clothing

faux leather jacketStart off with a tan brown leather/faux leather jacket similar to the one seen in the first movie Hunger Games. Not the best option for camouflage however this is her dad’s old attire which she treasures greatly.

Check out local thrift and second hand stores for suitable jackets, sometimes you’ll have to come back a few times as new stock is cycled in. Otherwise opt for a ready to order option such as this tan jacket from Amazon.

Pair that with similar coloured pants or slacks, a black crew neck shirt to go underneath. Finally choose a pair of tan knee length lace-up combat boots to finish this look off. Scour local thrift stores for these items to as you can find baggy, worn clothes that will reflect District 12 accurately as remember a lot of her clothes were hand-me-downs.

Click Here for Pictured Jacket

As you’ll have to do with your face later on clothing needs to be worn slightly too, use dirt and brown makeup to add dirt marks to your pants, boots and jacket. Then scrounge them up slightly, forget ironing too.

Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games Arena Costume

hunger games arena costume

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It’s good to mix things up every once in a while and that is exactly what Katniss does best with an alternative black and red look similar to above reference images. This is what she wears whilst in the arena fighting, or at least protecting herself (passive rather than aggressive).

arena jacketStart off with her black and silver raincoat with red collar like the one above, eventhough it’s simply for practical purposes being lightweight so the Tributes can quickly move around the forest it also looks the part with silver reflective stripes.

Besides the waterproof jacket you’ll also need a black t shirt for underneath, brown pants and ankle boots aswell as a backpack and bow and arrow.

Backpacks come in two forms, there is the one she keeps on her at all times with supplies for the Games and then there are nylon sacks that have important medicinal supplies too.

Just as above all of these clothing items will need to be ruffed up with wear and tear, dirt. Basically anything to make them look well used. To help yourself out start by sourcing all of the items except the coat at thrift stores to get a used look, then go in with coffee or dirt onto the items for an added rustic touch.

Training Shirt

discrict 12 training shirtWow, you don’t realise how many different outfits there are for one character until they’re laid out like this.

Here is an exact capitol training uniform with the silver and red shoulders, just in case you didn’t know, this shirt is worn by Katniss when she shoots the apple from the pig’s mouth for a group of Gamemakers to get their attention in the first movie.

Pair this shirt with a black and red striped pair of pants and tan leather boots.

Click Here for Pictured Shirt


It isn’t long before Katniss is looking like a hot mess whilst trying to fend for her life in the jungle of all places, twigs in her hair and dirt on her clothes and skin you can’t simply rock up as you are makeup is a must.

  • This Youtuber does the side braid hairstyle aswell as simple makeup to complete the look. For her hair braid start with your hair out, then use dry shampoo on it. Gather your hair to the side opposite your bangs, split that hair into three sections to braid all the way down securing the ends with an elastic band.
  • Then she suggests pulling out your front section of hair to give a more natural look as if you’d actually been running through the woods.
  • For the simple makeup look begin applying a translucent medium powder to your skin for a flawless look, then add a pink blush slighty to your cheeks.
  • After that move onto the eyelids, apply a matte brown to the whole area. Add a shimmering color to the corners of your eyelids for highlights. Furthermore apply a layer of mascara to both your upper and lower lashes. Finish with a natural pink lip gloss.

Mockingjay Pin

mockingjay pinOne final accessory to consider is Katniss’s notorious Mockingjay pin, actually it’s something you need to complete the look of this character accurately. This is her piece of home so to speak and so she has it at all times during the Games.

Either do it yourself and create a pin from scratch or pick up this Lionsgate pin, the detail put onto the tiny item is extraordinary with amazing shadowing and highlights and a nice worn finish.

To create from scratch, using polymer clay is a popular option, another way to go about this although not as spectacular as polymer clay is to use cardboard. Print off an image of the pin online and draw it onto card, add in highlights with silver and black metallic pen. Then stick the completed card pin onto your arena jacket, from a distant people won’t be able to tell.

Next I’ll do being a guide for her look in the second movie, Catching Fire. This is my favourite look of her aswell as the rest of the cast so keep an eye out for that tutorial. For now have fun recreating her Hunger Games outfits and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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