Kaylee Firefly Costume

Kaylee Firefly Costume

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Firefly is an American sci-fi television series that broadcast from September 20th 2002 to December 20th 2002, despite it’s short run it has remained popular with audience throughout the years with people continuing to dress as the characters for cosplay and Halloween even over ten years later.

Kaylee Frye was one such character from the series that captured audiences hearts and imaginations with her wacky clothing and fun personality working as the ships mechanic.

Looking for a cool cosplay this year that’s a little obscure? Then check out this Kaylee Firefly Costume which will be covering this happy go lucky character in all her glory covering everything you’ll need to transform into her including: jumpsuit, shirt, parasol and messenger bag.

Kaylee Firefly Cosplay

CA Fashion Women's Mandarin Collar Button Down Shirt Blouse Floral Top (Beige)CA Fashion Women’s Mandarin Collar Button Down Shirt Blouse Floral Top (Beige)


There are several elements to this outfit that need to be pieced together starting with a floral blouse, she alternates between pink and blue colors so pick which one you like best and run with it. You could easily find something suitable at your local thrift store, making sure to check back often if you don’t find what you’re looking for the first time as new stock is cycled in often. Otherwise check out the link above featuring a Mandarin inspired shirt blouse that’ll work perfect for this purpose.

Kaylee Firefly Jumpsuit

Oure Women Solid Cotton Long Sleeve Tooling Cool Overall Pants Jumpsuits (M, Army green)Oure Women Solid Cotton Long Sleeve Tooling Cool Overall Pants Jumpsuits (M, Army green)


Next you’ll want a jumpsuit to go over your blouse shirt, working as a mechanic is a messy job so Kaylee needed something to keep her covered at all times. For this you’ll need an army style jumpsuit such as the one above or again check your thrift stores to pick up something similar for a few dollars. Not only is the jumpsuit highly practical it’s also incredibly stylish went pared with the floral shirt above.

Kaylee Firefly Umbrella

Darice VL6633 Parasol Natural Paper Bamboo Umbrella, 32-Inch, WhiteDarice VL6633 Parasol Natural Paper Bamboo Umbrella, 32-Inch, WhiteTopTie Pagoda Umbrella, Wedding Parasol, 8 Colors RAINBOWTopTie Pagoda Umbrella, Wedding Parasol, 8 Colors RAINBOW


Kaylee would be nothing without her mesmerizing rainbow parasol which gives her a certain air, a feel good vibe that viewers can easily enjoy. You could also opt for the plain bamboo style umbrella as a base and paint it yourself with the colors of the rainbow.

Kaylee Firefly Messenger Bag

Firefly Kaylee-Inspired Messenger Bag - LIMITEDFirefly Kaylee-Inspired Messenger Bag – LIMITED


Next we can being looking at messenger bags, not compulsory but a good addition to add extra detail if you want to. Fancy creating this messenger bag on your own? All you’ll need is a cheap green messenger bag from the thrift store paired with heart, floral and bear embellishments.

Don’t forget to style your hair accordingly tied into two buns with bangs going either side of your head, hair color doesn’t really matter for this as people can already guess who you are from the attire but if you want to be completely accurate dye your hair brown so you don’t throw people off the scent.

There you have it a completed Kaylee Frye cosplay that will have fellow fans of the series gawking and taking pictures as you pass, be sure to pose and show off your rainbow parasol. Until next time check out all our social media pages for new tutorials each week.

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