Khal Drogo Costume

khal drogo costume

photo credit: PatLoika

Today I am really excited today to bring you this article on Khal Drogo’s costume, because I know how popular this character is and Game of Thrones in general. I’m pretty active on Pinterest and I see this cosplay being pinned all the time along with his queen Khalessi.

Khal Drogo is one of the main characters in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones based on the books by George R R Martin and is portrayed by actor Jason Momoa.

Drogo is a powerful Dothraki warrior, who is mounted to his horse. The Dolthraki people are born to kill and battle. His goal is to gain the Seven Kingdoms for his queen, although this goal doesn’t go quite to plan.

As you can see by the above picture this cosplay takes a bit of putting together but you can also see that it is well worth it.  What I love about this fantasy world is that all of the characters are so detailed and their outfits are so carefully constructed.

Armour and Belt

 Medieval Fantasy Drogo Costume Armor and Belt Adult Handmade Roman Leather Apron Belt w/ Brass Fittings – Wearable Costume Armor

The first thing you will need is armour, while battling you need to keep yourself relatively protected, below is faux leather chest armour that is perfect for this medieval look. This doesn’t include the arm guards, wig or pants.

For the pants I suggest you find a pair of brown suede ones that look similar to leather in the same way as the chest armour. Then to keep those pants in place you’ll need a belt but not any random one, one that fit nicely with the other items. The one above (pictured) is perfect for this with a leather style material and brass fittings that are perfect for a gladiator.

Khal Drogo Costume Wig

 Native Warrior Wig Standard

Next is the hair and as a typical Dolthraki warrior of times gone by he has a lot of hair including long braid and beard too. They only cut their hair after a defeat to show everyone their shame.

If you have fairly long hair a wig is not needed just brush and put your hair into three of four sections using rubber bands, putting it into more or less sections if the need be. If you do need a wig there is one above in this style.

Beard and Goatee

 California Costumes Men’s Imperial Goatee, Black,One Size Costume Accessory

Next is Khal Drogo’s beard and goatee, chances are you do not posses such a long beard in any case you can use this goatee above. From the image above the person uses a few rubber bands to keep theirs in shape  like the ponytail which you can do with yours.

Makeup and Eyebrows

Supplies Used:

Black Eye Shadow


After you have the armour, beard and goatee in place the only thing left is the make-up. If your skin is not the same skin tone as his no need to change the way you are, it’s totally fine to be slightly paler. Although bronzer can be used to highlight your cheeks slightly if your skin tone is darker like his and to define the cheekbones.

He has black around his eyes like he hasn’t had a lot of sleep but I think it is just tribe makeup. Use black eye pencil and circle your under eyelids a few times until you achieve the desired effect. Now take a detail brush and black eye-shadow to further enhance under the eyelid, use this to smudge the eyeliner and create shadow underneath.

Using the same shadow and brush apply a thick layer to your upper eyelid until it is covered completely then take that up to the eyebrow area adding detail where needed.

Don’t forget his scars above and below the eye, using a reference image as a guide put these in using a reddish pink grease paint. Use darker tones of grease paint aswell as a concealer of the same colour to fill in the middle and add dimension and shadowing.


photo credit: Doug Kline

photo credit: Doug Kline

The next part of the face that needs makeup and a little tlc is the eyebrows, Khal Drogo has what looks like a slit in the middle of his eyebrow and it contours up slightly. You don’t need to be an expert with an eyebrow pencil and brush the do this, just try your best.

Khal has a very defined chest aswell as cheekbones and so you may want to do some contouring of that area for a better overall look using the same shadow for contouring the face going between and under the chest.

As a warrior who is fighting day to day he wouldn’t be completely flawless so you should apply brown and black grease paint on a smudge or paint with mud based ingredients in it to dirty the face.

The last part to do is the blue marks coming down from the top of his shoulders, these may look like an animal has scratched him and left deep wounds in low light but that is not the case. You can use blue body paint to carefully put these in, four each side.

My final suggestion would be once you have completed this outfit get your girlfriend along dressed as Daenerys Targaryen, people will be in awe if you pull them off good and you’ll have double the fun than if you went alone.

Below is another brilliant example of how this can be pulled off effectively but no dragon eggs in this one.

photo credit: Flickr

photo credit: Flickr


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