King Triton Costume

king triton costumeIf you remember watching the Little Mermaid movie as a child or with your child then you will love this costume idea which is inspired by the great king and also the father of Ariel who is a much loved character from the films.

You will feel especially strong and powerful when wearing the outfit as Triton is based off a Greek God, that is why he may seem familiar even if you haven’t watched the movies. He of course carries his three tonged triton hence the name but also hence a lot of the power he exerts.

Merlin Beard Set


 Adult Merlin Wizard Wig & Beard SetCheck Price Adult Merlin Wizard Wig & Beard SetCheck Price

Yes these are Merlin beards but they will go perfectly as the god of the sea’s beard as it is long and flowing and sort of looks like Santa Clauses, you get the hair as well which is of course crucial and will go nicely under whatever crown you choose. It is made out of polyester and I read in the reviews that it isn’t made cheaply and really sticks together, you won’t end up with clumps missing at the end of the party.

Poseidon Costume

 Poseiden Adult costumeCheck Price Men’s King Neptune Costume, Blue/Brown, One SizeCheck Price

If you didn’t already know Poseidon and King Neptune are what inspired King Triton’s design and outfits in the first place so they are more than suitable for this and look brilliant. You get that really aqua vibe but also that of a warrior of a gladiator! For the first costume on the right you are getting the tunic, the belt, the drape for across the body and the crown all you will need to add is some little finishing touches/details. The next costume includes the long blue robe, chest piece, headpiece and the wrist cuffs. You will need to get a separate wig and of course the triton which you cannot forget no matter what you do.

Gladiator Sandals for Poseidon Costume

 Adult Roman SandlesCheck Price Funtasma Men’s Roman-12/B/PU Sandal,Black Polyurethane,13 M USCheck Price

 You weren’t thinking of not wearing any footwear were you? Well it’s a good point seeing as King Triton rules the sea, surely he doesn’t need footwear but seeing as us humans are land animals these sandals will be the perfect finishing touch to this outfit.

I think the brown ones are a little more suited to the overall look we are trying to achieve. Thanks to the brilliant array of supporting cast in the film you can pair up in anyway you see fit, you can go as father and daughter, brother and sister, couples (Ursula would make a great wife for him) and even your pet could join in on the fun and be dressed up as either Sebastian or Flounder.

Hopefully I have done my job right and you can put together the correct pieces for this outfit, if you want pop a comment in the box below.

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