Krusty the Clown Costume

krusty the clown costume

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If you’ve come here looking to create your own Krusty the Clown costume for Halloween or cosplay you have come to the right place.

He is a generally classed as a recurring character in the Simpsons which needs no introduction (if you don’t know what the Simpsons are you must be on the wrong page), however he is a huge part of the show and appears in most episodes.

He is known for being the host of Bart and Lisa’s all-time favorite cartoon (which features a lot in the show) Itchy and Scratchy which is about a cat and a mouse that just cannot get along.

What I have found is there is little to no official costumes at the time of writing so the best place to look is Ebay for second hand items, the likelihood is this costume will get harder and harder to find as time goes on which is why I have created DIY instructions below using some creativity.

Krusty the Clown Makeup

 Clown White Cream Costume Makeup – 2.25 oz

I remember Krusty saying in one episode his face wasn’t so pale because of makeup! I don’t know exactly what he meant by that but you can guess he isn’t very healthy or maybe he was just joking.

As masks are a little difficult to find a better option would be to do face paint. You’ll need a cream or white paint for the bulk of your face being careful to leave your mouth area bare and red for your nose or you could get a large sponge red nose instead.

Make a Krusty the Clown Wig

The wig is probably the most difficult to make DIY but it will be worth it, I suggest using poster board and gluing as many cotton balls as you can do these pieces of board and then spray painting them light blue. To attach them to your head the most common way would be to use a bald cap to keep it in place.


 Russell Athletic Men’s Basic T-Shirt, Purple, XX-Large BOWTIE Solid Royal Blue Men’s Bow Tie Tuxedo Ties BowTies

This clothing is super simple! A purple short sleeved shirt, a light blue bow tie, light green pants and white gloves. All of which you can find at the thrift store or in your own closet.

 CONCITOR Men’s Dress Pants Trousers Flat Front Slacks EMERALD GREEN 34 Rothco White Parade Gloves – XX-Large


 Red Adult Clown Shoes

The final accessory you want to get your hands on to complete this outfit is a pair of red clown shoes. For once this is something you can easily find, however any pair of red shoes are suitable and if you want to give it a sexy tone you can add high heels instead of flats.

For a finishing touch considering adding fake buck teeth to your outfit, if you look at any images of him you’ll notice his teeth as they are so large.

If you look at how this character is designed you may have noticed that he looks a lot like Homer and you’d be right because that was the original concept and that Bart would idolize him because of this.

Even with this original concept trashed Bart is still a huge fan and when Krusty does feature in the show it is often to do with Bart’s obsession with him.

With this being said it would make sense to go as a pair, one person dressing up as the clown and another as Bart. I’ll be writing up a tutorial very soon and will update this article accordingly.

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