L Death Note Cosplay

l death note cosplay

photo credit: Ricardo

L from Death Note’s cosplay must be the easiest outfit to pull off in the history of manga and anime heck you won’t even need shoes let alone anything else.

As you can see by the image you’ll need two clothing items at most but the real focus goes on getting the hair and make-up right.

What I love about Death Note and this character is they are so refreshingly different than any other I have seen before.

Don’t know about you but I don’t like constant dragged out fighting scenes in anime, they drive me up the wall but Death Note is not about fighting physically but a mind game back and forth between the two main characters. So without further ado!


L’s clothing is perhaps the simplest in history, no glue no sewing no nothing (anything). All you need is a pair of slightly baggy blue jeans and a white long sleeved top. I won’t list these here as you probably own them already or can find them at a local thrift store.

Make-up and Hair

l wig

Anime Style Layered Wig

This is the closet wig I could find with a layered texture, all the rest were more curly not really in this style.

Moving onto make-up L is known for staying up late into the night and therefore you can see he has bags, you don’t want to follow in his lead to achieve the same effect when you can use black eye make-up and mascara.

white face paint

White Creme Face Paint

You may have also noticed L was very pale, probably because he didn’t eat a lot of healthy food and preferred sweet things. Use white face paint or makeup to copy this.

For the hair along with his eyes his hair is messy as heck, you could use gel to spike it up a little or just not brush it when you get up in the morning either way make it look as natural as possible.

Alternatively wear a wig, this isn’t so original but many wigs come in this spiky anime/manga style that a lot of characters have.

death note journal

Death Note Journal Prop

The only accessory you will need is the Death Note of course, while L didn’t technically have possession of it during the series it is still a nice addition to the outfit that will give people a better idea of who you are dressed as.


Technically you don’t need to wear shoes but realistically but you’ll want something to protect your feet just don’t wear something too big and clunky, simple sandals or speakers work best.


Adding elements of L’s personality to your cosplay is crucial as he is such a unique character, not acting like him would ruin the whole outfit.

Crouch around as you move about the cosplay convention and walk with a hunched back. If someone tries to touch or come near you recoil, and be very suspicious around everyone always analysing their every move.

L is always eating something whether it be a piece of candy or pastries, I guess he has a sweet tooth. You don’t need to be constantly eating to imitate him instead just hold a lollipop and lick it from time to time or just hold it in your hand.


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