Lapis Lazuli Steven Universe Cosplay

Lapis Lazuli Steven Universe CosplayI’ve been busy all this week adding new SU costume tutorials to the blog in preparation for the highly anticipated third season which is set to air on May 12th 2016. Originally season two was meant to run for longer but production decided to split it into two hence the wait for a new season.

Today we’ll be showing you how to put together your own Lapis Lazuli Steven Universe cosplay as there are no official outfits available at the time of writing.

Lapis Lazuli is a gem that makes her première in the episode entitled Mirror Gem as a former Homeland Gem thanks to Steven who sets her free. As mentioned in a previous article she is held within a fusion with Jasper to form Malachite.

Lapis Lazuli Wig

Cfalaicos Short Vocaloid-kaito Blue Anime Cosplay WigCfalaicos Short Vocaloid-kaito Blue Anime Cosplay Wig


Lapis has short blue hair that goes to her shoulder and has bangs that cover her forehead completely. There are several ways to go about replicating this look: use your natural hair and dye it with plenty of cans of spray dye and style the bangs appropriately, or wear a wig like the one above and use steam and a comb to get the bags in place.

Lapis Lazuli Cosplay

Anni Coco Women's Classic 1950s Vintage Hepburn Dresses Blue SmallAnni Coco Women’s Classic 1950s Vintage Hepburn Dresses Blue Small


Move onto clothing next and all that Lapis wears is a blue dress with a triangular pattern on the centre area. Recreate this diamond shape using lighter blue fabric and a sewing machine or leave as is. Then use a scrap of lighter blue fabric or felt as a belt to give your outfit shape and keep it in place.

Lapis Lazuli Makeup

The outfit above is fairly now all you need to add is makeup to complete your look. Start by cleaning your face with a wash cloth and then apply a base of blue body paint with a large sponge until you have an even finish. Blend blue eye shadow into your brows for a more consistent color and continue onto your eyelids. Apply your regular mascara and eye-liner and finish with blue lipstick if you want.

Lapis’ outfit doesn’t include footwear, she goes barefoot although you could add a pair of blue ballet style shoes for safety and hygiene as a lot of cosplay conventions will not allow bare feet.

The Steven Universe section of the blog is slowly filling up as I add more tutorials for the new season so I’d recommend check that out. Also don’t forget to follow our social media channels for updates on the newest tutorials each week!

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