Lola Bunny Space Jam Costume

Lola Bunny Space Jam Costume

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Space Jam is a 1996 American live-action/animated basketball themed movie starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes cartoon characters.

The movie takes place in an alternate reality contrast to real life following the period between Jordan’s initial retirement from the NBA in 1993 and his comeback two years later, when he becomes involved with Bugs Bunny and his friends.

This is the first time we see the infamous Lola Bunny, who is a Looney Tunes cartoon character portrayed as an anthropomorphic female rabbit who plays the role of Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend.

In today’s post we’ll be showing you how to put together a Lola Bunny Space Jam Costume from scratch. At the time of writing there is no official costume so we’ll have to get creative and put together individual items into one cohesive outfit. Now let’s get into the tutorial.

Lola Bunny Rabbit Headbands

White & Pink Bunny Ears Headband with Fluffy TailWhite & Pink Bunny Ears Headband with Fluffy Tail

The first thing you’ll need to begin turning into Lola Bunny is a pair of rabbit ears. Without these you’ll just look like a human dressed in basketball gear (although you could portray and human version of Lola which would be fine too). Also wear a purple scrunchie to form a ponytail like Lola does in the movie.

Lola Bunny Space Jam Wig

AneShe Wigs 28AneShe Wigs 28

If your hair isn’t blond you could throw people off as to who you’re dressed as although it is possible to cosplay this character with naturally brunette hair to add that extra detail go with a blond wig such as the one above.

Lola Bunny Space Jam Jersey

Space Jam Tune Squad WhiteSpace Jam Tune Squad WhiteLola Bunny Tune Squad Space Jam Tank Top jersey ADULT SMALLLola Bunny Tune Squad Space Jam Tank Top jersey ADULT SMALL

The next thing you’ll need is a basketball jersey. There are two options to choose from here: you can either opt for the shirt with ‘TuneSquad’ printed on it or the one with Lola’s name and number. If you’d like to go the do it yourself route get a plain white shirt and make it into a crop top, then print one of the designs above onto fabric transfer sheets and iron on.

Lola Bunny Shorts

Soffe Juniors Beach Volleyball Short, White, MediumSoffe Juniors Beach Volleyball Short, White, MediumLeotruny Classic Triple Stripes Knee High Tube Socks (White/Blue/Red)Leotruny Classic Triple Stripes Knee High Tube Socks (White/Blue/Red)

Another thing you’ll need is a pair of plain white sport shorts, chances are you already own a pair but if not we have a link above. Add a pair of red and blue stripped socks and finish with a pair of white sports shoes (or the closest pair of boots/shoes you have on hand).

Spalding NBA Street Basketball - Official Size 7 (29.5Spalding NBA Street Basketball – Official Size 7 (29.5

The last thing you’ll need is a basketball of course, you don’t need to carry it around with you at all times but having it on hand when photo opportunities arise is a good idea so people can get a better idea of who you’re trying to portray.

Lola Bunny Space Jam Makeup

Makeup is optional but will help bring the whole look together. Here is a seven minute tutorial which will walk you through everything by one of my favourite cosplay makeup Youtubers.

Before you begin apply your usual foundation and concealer then put in bright blue contacts if your natural eye colour isn’t up to scratch. Start applying white eye liner to your lids to create a neutral base. Take a dark shimmery purple eye shadow and apply it in your crease and blend it out, with a light shimmery purple on your eyelid and outer edges then finish with a plum purple on the outer corner of the crease.

Now create a winged eye liner look, apply some false lashes, then a warm brown on the lower lash line, apply your mascara and finish by frosting the inner corners of your eye. Tweak your eyebrows to mimic the 90’s iconic thinner and rounder look, fill in with dark brown eye shadow if you need to. For the lips keep it subtle with a peach lip tint and some lip gloss. Then set everything with powder.

That is everything you’ll need to transform into the character of Lola Bunny for whatever event you’re attending. Before you leave us check out the rest of our cosplay tutorials for more ideas, also follow us on social media to keep up to date as we publish new posts.

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