Lord Voldemort Costume

Voldemort CostumeLord Voldemort is the ultimate fictional villain without question he is pure evil, he is so feared that no wizard or witch or even Muggle would dare utter his name instead he has gained the alias He-Who-Must-Be-Named. Today I want to show you how to recreate his costume.

He even tried to kill baby Harry with a death curse only Harry didn’t die because the love of his mother protected him and so he became a horcrux for Lord Voldemort unbeknown to either of them until the very last showdown. It was then that the most memorable battle between good and evil began.

He used to a just an ordinary person as Tom Riddle but horcruxes, power and immortality fogged his mind of any trace of good. With his came his thirst for a purebood race rid of all Muggles or MudBloods, he did this with his loyal (or not so loyal) group of Death Eaters by his side.

Cloak and Mask

childs outfitFirst off for your convenience here is a premade costume that has all of the elements you will need aside from the hands and wand of course. It includes the long black robes aswell as the latex mask so your face looks the part too.

There is also a similar option for children too so younger fans can celebrate their love for the franchise too, this includes the same thing as the adult kit. All they will need is a pair of plain black pants and shirt for underneath.

Click Here for Cloak and Mask Set

Voldemort Wand

voldemort wandVoldemort’s wand is key to all of his evil doings and without it he would be a lot less intimidating and powerful, of course even without his own wand he managed to wreck havoc with others namely Lucius Malfoy’s. Lucius was not happy with this but he complied out of fear and to show he was loyal to his master.

Another reason his wand was such a crucial part of the plot was that his and Harry’s wands happened to share the same core and for this reason and others that was why Harry was the only one that could beat him.

It is a very unique design made out of yew, thirteen and a half inches with the phoenix feather core as I mentioned above, this was of course made by the wandmaker Ollivander. Pictured is the perfect replica to go along with your outfit.

Click Here for Wand Replica


handsFinally to hold your wand you’ll need Voldemort’s spindly, vein ridden hands, they could definitely use some moisturiser although that probably isn’t one of his top priorities.

Pictured are latex hands you can use as a prop, these are the only ones I could find however they are extremely well designed as you can clearly see the purple veins coming through and texture of the nails.

Click Here for Latex Hands

Already with these three simple items you’ve transformed yourself into the Dark Lord, be prepared for flowers to wilt as you pass them and people scream with fear as you walk by not daring to utter your name.

Make it double as fun as a couples costume (Bellatrix Lestrange) or even a group outing with everyone dressing as different Death Eaters.

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