Lumpy Space Princess Costume

lumpy space princess costume

photo credit: Flickr

Looking for a comprehensive Lumpy Space Princess costume tutorial? Today I want to bring you her costume tutorial as I have already done with the other characters, this is a unique one though as not many people cosplay as this character which means you’ll stand out and be unique.

She is a characters we are introduced to as viewers in the first series of Adventure Time, she’s the official princess of Lumpy Space hence her name and sometimes goes by the initials LSP.

In this episode that we first meet her she accidentally bites Jake therefore slowly transforming him lumpy, he has a limited space of time to reverse her bite or else he will stay that way forever. Thankfully he’s saved with her reluctant help.

Lumpy Space Princess Wig

purple bob wigTo make things a little easier we’ll start from the top of the outfit and work our way down. Firstly starting at the head is hair, this will be purple considering that’s the color of the character and seeing as we are going the do it yourself route it would be very hard to recreate the character as in the cartoon instead we are using the above image as a reference and making something similar.

There are several ways to color your hair. The first one is using hair dye, this is semi-permanent change however which may not be suitable. For a less permanent change you could try hair spray, keep in mind you may need more than one can depending on how much hair you have one can may not be sufficient especially for people with darker hair.

A final option is to simply wear a ready made wig such as the one pictured. I thought a short bob style wig would be best for this look as it wouldn’t get in the way.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

The next natural step after hair is makeup however you really don’t need a lot or any at all apart from some purple lipstick and nail polish which will match her hair nicely and pull everything together (similar to how the woman above has done it).

Lumpy Space Princess Makeup

However if you want to go a little more indepth here is a wonderful tutorial video by the talented Michelle Phan on Youtube:

  • Start off using a bb cream or cc cream to create a flawless look and cover up your imperfections, not that LSP doesn’t have any. She recommends using your fingers, preferably clean to apply this.
  • Next take a neutralising concealer on your ring finger and work it underneath your eyes, this will cover up any dark circles so they don’t detract from the eyes which gives more ‘pop’.
  • After that we use a similar color brow liner and fill in your brows, keep this natural if you like or change up your arch so it looks more cartoon like. Now start at the corner of your eyelids and apply a medium purple shade and blend it in. Then create a gradient at the corner again with a darker shade and use this same shade to also go underneath the lower lash line.
  • Then on the waterline highlight it with a gold waterproof pencil. Now line your eye area with a dark blue for light complexions and black for darker complexions. Now finish off your lashes with an application of mascara and false eye lashes.
  • Time for pink blush on the cheeks, to brighten up your face even more. Then for some lumpy bumpy lips, using a bright color like hot pink works well for this step.


After hair and makeup is done and dusted your next priority should be clothing. There is no right or wrong way to go about this, I think it’s best to just use what you have on hand or what is more convenient for you. Thrift stores are a great place to source purple dresses you can use alternatively pair purple pants and a tee together.

Here is a brilliant dress you can use and incorporate it as part of your outfit which may work better for you than a plain dress that doesn’t feature images of the character.

Click for Pictured Dress

All of the above is pretty generic stuff nothing to make you become the character as such now you will have to think about how to do this adding a ‘lumpy’ element to your outfit. Be as unique as you wish!

Lumpiness and Yellow Star

You could use several purple balloons strapped together and secured onto your dress or use multiple old tutus bundled and sewed together to create a bath puff look that will work well for this character aswell. Or if you want a way of your own.

Now with all of the clothing and a puffy element to the mix all that is left is the final touch, a yellow star. Start by gathering yellow foam of a suitable size, cut this into a star using a template as a cutting guide then glue onto a purple headband made of ribbon or other material. Try to position this discreetly hidden in your wig so the band is not visible to onlookers.


photo credit: Flickr

Here is a cool image of Princess Bubblegum alongside LSP at a parade, this should get those creative juices flowing and give you a few ideas on how you can replicate it yourself.

So there you have it, all you need to recreate this characters otufit and look for Halloween and cosplay. Don’t forget to have fun!

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