Mabel Pines Costume

Mabel Pines CostumeMabel Pines is character from Disney XD’s hit Gravity Falls who is the sister of Dipper Pines. When they go to live with their great uncle for the summer vacations they discover many fun paranormal adventures are to be had in Gravity Falls.

Last week we looked at how to put together Dipper Pines outfit so this week we’ll be looking at how to create his sister Mabel Pine’s costume for cosplay and Halloween which means you can go as a pair (great for couples, siblings and friends).

We’ll be covering everything you’ll need for Mabel’s outfit including her rainbow pink turtleneck, skirt and braces. We have pre-made options aswell as instructions for those creating from scratch.

Mabel Pines Sweater

Disguise Disney Gravity Falls Mabel Classic Tween Costume, X-Large/14-16

Before we dive into how to create Mabel’s outfit yourself here are few premade choices that will save you a lot of time especially if you’re in a rush. Firstly we have the only official costume available at the time of writing (not sure how long it will be on sale for).

It includes everything you’ll need to transform into her character including pink fleece top with name tag and star and rainbow pattern. You also have a fabric wig for extra accuracy to the character and perfect if your hair isn’t naturally brown too. Pants and shoes are not included however.

Mabel Pines Braces

J.TOMSON Womens Stretchy Mid Length Pencil Skirt PURPLE LFool-All Braces Fake Teeth (Standard)

While I’m impressed there is even an official cosplay available there are still a few accessories you’ll need to add yourself. First up you’ll need a purple skirt (don’t want to be half naked). Here we have a purple pencil skirt that will work well with her pink jumper and wig set above. Alternatively check out local thrift stores or auction sites like Ebay to save money.

Another accessory which isn’t compulsory but will add some much needed accuracy is a fake teeth braces set. This may help give people a better idea of who you’re dressed as too.

DIY Mabel Pines Cosplay

You’ll need: A pink turtleneck, rainbow colored felt, purple skirt, black shoes and pink headband.

If your hair is naturally brown this is an outfit that could be put together easily with a few items from the thrift store. You’ll need a pink turtleneck which can be picked up for a few dollars. Using a clear reference image create the star rainbow pattern from different color felt and sew them on or use appliqué fabric and iron on.

Next gather a purple skirt from the thrift store or a pair of purple pants (whichever is better for you). Finish off with a pink headband, black shoes and white knee high socks and you’re ready to go!

There you have it, how to create your own Mabel Pines costume from Gravity Falls. Once you’ve finished her outfit why not get someone along dressed as Dipper using our other tutorial as a guide?

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