Make a Buddy the Elf Costume

buddy the elf costume

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With Halloween officially over (I know it’s sad) I thought it was the best time to start adding some festive Christmas costumes to the blog as this is a year round thing, however this is still perfect for next Halloween aswell.

As far as elves go, Buddy the Elf is one of the most annoying to the people in the movie however for the viewers he is strangely entertaining. The movie Elf (2003) is one of my favorites for Christmas , it’s just so full of Christmas and comedic cheer and I especially like the ending (if you want to know my favorite of all time is of course Home Alone :) ).

The thing is Buddy’s different from all the other elves, the telltale sign is that he towers above them in height, he finds out that he is in fact a human and goes to New York city during the festive season to find his family and realize his true identity.

With the star being Will Ferrell you can be sure there are a lot of laughs throughout and that shines through Buddy’s personality, this makes for a good time of year to dress up as something jolly and fun not like Halloween or at cosplay conventions where you have to take yourself seriously or scare people.

First off you’ll need the green elf’s coat with the fluffy white collar and wrists. A good bet is scouring thrift stores for a heavy bright green jacket and then sewing the fur on afterwards. Around your coat a black belt can be used to give it shape and keep it in place. I understand if this is a pain to do and you may not be good with DIY so here is a selection of premade costumes that would work well too.

The above photo is a good reference point although it shows dark yellow tights and this is close but preferably a creamer yellow/light yellow is better and more true to what’s shown in the movie for most people this attention to detail will not be necessary.

You might be wondering what sort of hair you will need and that is a valid concern, your regular hair will suffice in most cases however if you want to really take on the character in all of its glory you’ll need a nice, short, curly sandy brown wig.

The shoes are the final part to complete your outfit and in typical elf style they are curled with a point at the toes. In this case you want black ones such as these not green as you may presume. If there is difficulty finding a suitable pair, swap them out for a pair of regular black shoes which will likely be more comfortable on your feet too.

One last thing to consider is whether you want to dress up as a couple, in which case you can as Biddy’s love interest played by Zooey Deschanel, although you may not have recognized her here as she is sporting blond hair.

For that your girlfriend or wife will be wearing a similar outfit to you only using a red and green color scheme instead of a green and yellow one and slight adjustments. It would be useful if you want to go as a couple that you look up images on Google or Pinterest to use as a reference for making Jovie’s (Zooey) clothing.

What I love about the movie is the festive cheer and it’s extremely important to incorporate this into your costume and take on some of the characteristic of this jolly character, of course you don’t need to go as far as him and start taking gum off the streets however a little festive cheer goes a long way and most of all remember to enjoy yourself.

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