Make a Legolas Costume

legolas costume

photo credit: Flickr

A Legolas Costume is the perfect choice for a Lord of the Rings fan, he is an elf who is part of the Fellowship of the Ring as you probably know and is played by the talented Orlando Bloom.

He is a great asset to the Fellowship because he is a master at archery, this costume is also perfect for brothers and friends too as you can dress up as Gimli who Legolas is known to have difficulties with but they put their differences aside.

The two options going forward are to create from scratch or buy pre-made, either is perfectly fine and I’ll detail each below. The most time consuming part of this if you go the diy route would be create the tunic with the leather pattern so keep that in mind. 


For your convenience I have listed the full outfit (pictured) for multiple sizes and ages. It includes the cloak, tunic, belt, and boots.

The first item you will need is a tunic as the base of the outfit, the thrift store is your best bet for finding something suitable. The colours is a very earthly green perfect for camouflaging in the outdoors.

The bottom of the tunic is cut an inch at the bottom centre in a triangle shape and angled at the bottom, so it will need a little reworking with fabric scissors. If the sleeves are long cut those down aswell to expose the clothing underneath.

After you have the tunic done the next part is the brown leather and pattern, you can either leave these out or do them for maximum effect. It will be very time consuming to first sew the leather on the green tunic and secondly sew the pattern on (using a picture as a reference) but it will be worthwhile.

To give the clothing shape and keep it all together wrap a leather belt around your waist, one that looks a little battered and used preferably. Lastly wear a pair of black pants, brown leather boots and a black cloak over it all and you’re finished with this segment of the outfit.

Bow & Arrow

What would a member of the Fellowship do without any weapons, they’d be utterly useless. For Legolas the weapon of choice is a bow and a quiver of arrows, no need to be skilled in archery though as this is purely for decoration.

There are several different bow and arrow sets you could use but for purposes of this article here are specific Lord of the Rings one’s you can use. These are marked as Child’s toys but they’ll work well for cosplay too.


The next segment is the hair, Legolas is know for his long silvery blond hair. Chances are yours are not naturally like this, use either dye or a wig for extra length.

Here is a wig to match the complete costume above and will work well if your natural hair isn’t sufficient. It’s not made out of real hair (it’s synthetic) but isn’t made for the purpose of styling it yourself so that doesn’t really matter.


After hair and clothing is finished some basic make-up will go a long way to complete the cosplay and add a unique touch. He has a pale face in contrast to dark woodland eyebrows. Use an eyebrow brush and pencil to highlight your brows and light makeup to make them stand out of your face.

All done and dusted, the only dilemma is whether you want to go solo or as a pair (Gimli) or trio (Gandalf) or any even larger group with all the different characters.

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