Marshall Lee Costume

Marshall Lee Costume


Marshal Lee is the gender swapped version of Marceline from Adventure Time, we are first introduced to this character as part of the Ice King’s imaginary world.

He is similar to her in that they both have vampire capabilities and permanent bite marks on their necks. They both enjoy eating the colour red and as with all vampires cannot stay out too long in the sun or it will burn his skin.

His appearance and clothing are also similar to hers in that he wears a red and black plaid shirt, converse trainers, and has light greyish pale skin. He may look like a teenager but is actually over a millennium old.

In this article we’ll show you how to create your own Marshall Lee Costume for Halloween and cosplay and become one of Adventure Time vampires, scaring anyone who comes into your path.

Marshall Lee Cosplay

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Let’s start ‘building’ the costume now, the first item you need to look for is a red and black plaid jumper or shirt, I say either as it can get chilly on Halloween. Check out your local charity or thrift store for these.

For your ease I have picked out a shirt (pictured) that you can use along from Amazon with a selection if you don’t like the one I’ve chosen.

Next a pair of blue pants or denim jeans, whatever’s convenient for you. Again take a look in second hand stores for items like this if you’re only going to use them once.

As I mentioned above for footwear Marshall wears the same of his female gender swap Marcline, these are red and white converse trainers.

Marshall Lee Makeup

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With the clothing done the hair and make-up is next. Check out the above reference image as a guide.

Here this guy has a bluish grey  tinge to his skin, use light grey for your own to stay true to the character. Use light grey paint to create the base and then light blue to do contouring and details of the jawline and forehead.

Don’t forget the two bite marks at the neck, these are simple to replicate simple use an eye-liner pencil that is slightly sharp so it doesn’t smudge. Once you’ve applied the face paint focus a little on your eyebrows darkening them with an eyebrow pencil to match the jet black hair.

Marshall Lee Wig

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In the cartoon his hair is unruly with tufts of hair sticking out here there and everywhere but as a cosplayer you’ll want to tone that down a little.

Either style your natural hair with gel and darken it with spray or wear a short wig, whichever you choose is perfectly fine.

Here is a wig (pictured) if choosing that option, this is in a typical anime/manga style but perfect for this purpose too although it could do with a bit of messing up.

Finishing Touches

From the above reference image the guy is wearing red and black contacts to match the clothing, you can do this is you wish although it’s totally fine to keep your eyes as they are.

Now that the outfit is done you can get your friend or girlfriend to come along as Marceline or even Fionna (he tries to get Fionna to admit to her feelings for him throughout the series).

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