Melanie Martinez Costume

melanie martinez costumeMelanie Martinez is one of the hottest artists at the minute with a unique style of fashion and music she’s created a winning combination for consumers. She is known for her ‘crybaby’ theme which is consistent throughout all her current music videos, adapting a nickname she was given as a child into a brand and consequently a concept album.

You may be familiar with the name from season three of the Voice which aired back in 2012 of which Melanie was a contestant gaining Adam Levine as a mentor. Despite coming fifth she’s managed to sustain a career with her popularity at an all time high in 2016 four years later, a feat that few singing talent contestants have attained.

It’s her unique fashion sense that we’ll be focusing on today looking at how to create your own Melanie Martinez costume based on her popular tracks including ‘Dollhouse’ and ‘Pity Party’ both of which have gained million of views on Youtube.  

Melanie Martinez Wig

Creamily® Half Blonde and Half Natural Black 2-tone Dyed Hair Extensions Medium Short Curly Cosplay WigCreamily® Half Blonde and Half Natural Black 2-tone Dyed Hair Extensions Medium Short Curly Cosplay WigMcoser 27.6Mcoser 27.6


Melanie Martinez is the Queen of two tone dyed wigs and always has a different one on in her music videos, in social media posts and press shoots. There are two main wig looks we’ll be covering today already there are plenty more to choose from.

The first is her half blond and half black wig which you’ll be familiar with from her music video for ‘Soap’ aswell as being featured in media shots of her in public and online. The alternate look is similar to the wig worn in her most popular music video so far ‘Dollhouse’ which is half pink and half black.

Opt for a wig of your choice or dye your own natural hair in two tones to replicate her unique aesthetic. Finish by adding a large light pink hair bow to your Dollhouse style wig as shown in the music video to complete the hairstyle.

Melanie Martinez Dollhouse Costume

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Two years after appearing on the Voice and coming fifth Melanie Martinez released her first single ‘Dollhouse’ which remains her most popular song to this date with almost 50 million views at the time of writing.

To recreate her look from the Dollhouse music video which starts with the pink and black wig shown above continue with a pink and white dress. These Lolita style pink dresses are a perfect fit for this with the WenHong dress matching the one in the video more closely with a similar construction.

Latasa Women's Lolita Sweet Cute Bow Buckles Round-toe Chunky Low-heel Mary Jandes Shoes (8.5, Pink)Latasa Women’s Lolita Sweet Cute Bow Buckles Round-toe Chunky Low-heel Mary Jandes Shoes (8.5, Pink)


 Although her shoes aren’t shown prominently throughout the music video but we can assume she would wear a pair of pink shoes to keep consistent with her theme and similar to the platform style boots she is known for wearing. Finish with a pair of pink Lolita style shoes again and we’re almost at the finishing line. All that’s left to add now is makeup and you’re ready to go.

Melanie Martinez Makeup

Her makeup is crucial to the overall look and is not optional, it will help keep your face consistent with the rest of the outfit. Here is an eight minute video tutorial to run you through the Dollhouse makeup.

  • Start by priming your face for a smooth base for your foundation to go on and minimize the appearance of your pores. Then dot on your favorite foundation and blend it in. Then go in with your favorite concealer to cover up dark circles and spots. Next up up your lips and blend them out into your face ready to apply the lipstick later.
  • With a darker concealer begin the process of contouring both for cheekbones for a more sculpted look and your nose for that doll effect we’re aiming for. Set your makeup so far with transparent powder and to remove oiliness.
  • Time to start on the eyes with a white eyeshadow all over the lip and inner corner aswell as lining your waterline as a base for the brighter colors. Then use a pink eye shadow underneath your eyebrows. The take a purple shadow and put it above your crease.Next draw in a set of fake bottom lashes using liquid liner, after that a pair of fake lashes and finish with mascara. Move onto filling in your eyebrows.
  • The final few pieces left to complete are the cheeks, create a flushed doll look apply a red blush to your cheeks. Using the same black liquid liner from earlier add in the freckles to your cheeks. Then use a lip liner to sketch out Melanie’s small doll lips and fill in with lipstick.



The end result should be something like the gif above. Melanie Martinez continues to gain fans and her popularity has only continued to grow after leaving the show, what’s so fascinating about her whole look is it’s directly derived from a childhood nickname given to her by peers ‘crybaby’.

She took something perceived as negative and has formed a successful career off the back of it. I predict her Dollhouse and other assorted looks will be especially popular this Halloween as she continues to release new music videos throughout the year.

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