Merida Brave Costume

merida brave costume

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Disney doesn’t hold back when it comes to creating fierce female characters that aren’t afraid to show their ‘brave’ side, while many people say that Frozen was the first Disney movie to show girls that there’s more to life than boys that just isn’t the case with role models like Merida at hand.

Today I want to show you how to recreate your very own Disney’s Merida Brave costume perfect for both cosplay events and Halloween fancy dress.

We know Merida from Disney/Pixar’s 2012 Movie Brave where she became the eleven Disney princess aswell as the first Scottish one.She’s shown to be courageous but also a strong headstrong Viking that doesn’t crumble to traditions expected of her. The many separate elements of her outfit are covered below.

Merida Brave Dress

Fomerida kids costumer those who need an outfit premade to slip into quickly without stitching or gathering fabrics check out the costume above, it includes Merida’s green dress. Add you own wig and bow and arrow set to complete the look.

Click Here for Pictured Dress

First off is her long dark teal flowing dress that makes up the bulk of her attire, similar to a Renaissance/Viking style. It can be difficult to find a floor length teal dress if you’re going the do it yourself route, another alternative is pairing a mini dress with a similar colored skirt to add extra length.

Certain segments of her dress has a lace like material peeking through, to achieve a similar effect gather spare lace you have from other craft projects or check out fabric stores where you can often get a good deal. First create an inch long cut doing vertically down at the centre of the neckline.

Stitch your first piece of lace across the dress’s neck line, leaving approximately an inch peeking out. Once the lace has been stitched you can stitch back the ‘V’ neckline slightly, enough to keep it attached but with a space so the stitches are visible in the middle like Merida’s is.

Now for the arms, turn your dress inside out and mark with a white pencil or crayon the segments you need to cut, leaving enough material so you don’t cut the whole arm of your dress off. If this does happen reattach it with spare material, then stitch on your lace to fill in these segments.Don’t forget a leather belt to give your clothing shape and blend the line between dress and skirt.

Merida Wig

merida wigNext up is Merida’s hair which is a crucial part to any Disney Princess’s look, with this being the first Scottish princess she possesses long ginger locks that aren’t as common as other hair colors so in most cases you’ll need to use either dye or a wig to achieve the same look.

Dye is a tricky option especially if you have darker hair to start with so a wig is the easiest option. What you’ll appreciate about the pictured wig is the fact it’s heat resistant which most aren’t and means you can style it with curler and other heated hair tools.

It’ll need a little grooming out of the packing however it’s ready to be used for fancy dress, keep in mind the color you see on screen will vary slighty from what you receive in real life thanks to computer resolution and other variables.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

Merida Archery Set

merida archery setI always think if a character can handle a bow and arrow it means they’re pretty kick ass, look at Katniss from Hunger Games or Susan from Narnia, I don’t think Merida is an exception to this rule.

It’s so easy to wave a wand around and say a magic spell (sorry Harry) or splat someone with your spidey web but archery requires a great deal of patience and a steady aim.

To complete the look and take on the role of this character completely you’ll need your own bow and arrow set to fight off enemies and to look cool while doing it. Thankfully this prop set doesn’t require any prior knowledge and includes: bow, four arrows and a quiver with adjustable belt.

Click Here for Pictured Archey Set

Put all of these elements together and you get a completed outfit that will wow at cosplay conventions and Halloween fancy dress parties this year.

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