Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy costume

mermaidman and barnacle boy costume

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Mermaid Man and Barnacle boy are fictional underwater super heroes in the world of Bikini Bottom. These characters are characters in the hit children’s cartoon series Sponge Bob Square Pants. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are supposed to be two retired super heroes but that’s sometimes not the case when Sponge Bob and his best friend Patrick Star are concerned.

Sponge Bob and Patrick always mange to temporarily convince the two retired super heroes to fight crime once again. Mermaid Man is your typical run of the mill elderly man and has bouts of memory loss and bad hearing. Whereas his side kick Barnacle Boy is the grouch of the two. Barnacle Boy is also typically stereo typed as the under-appreciated of the two and hardly ever gets any credit for their crime fighting skills. Barnacle boy is known for his ill temper and moodiness over his partner’s absentmindedness and short memory. 

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy were first introduced in the episode Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy on August 21, 1999.

To make the Barnacle Boy costume:

  •     A red under armor shirt
  •     A pair of short athletic shorts
  •     Tights
  •     Colored duct tape for the belt and the boots
  •     Velcro
  •     Sea Shells
  •     A sailor hat and mask
  •     A pair of purple gloves
  •     A piece of scrap fabric for the neck

The first part is the sailor hat, a simple white one will do. Make sure that it can sit securely on your head or it might blow away or fall off.

Click here to see the selection of hats

To make the belt for Barnacle Boy take the measurements of the person that’s going to wear the costume and cut two pieces of duct tape the same length. Stick them together sticky sides facing each other. The belt will be one of the last things you add to the costume. The rest of the work is just putting on the costume.

black eye mask

Next is the black eye mask which will help shield your identity although that won’t be necessary it will still add a mysterious element to your outfit and show people just how much of a superhero you are.

Click here to check out the selection of eye masks

Once you have put the costume on you then take the duct tape belt and wrap it around your waist and pin either side down to the shirt. Then you will place a piece of Velcro on the shirt between the ends of the belt and another piece on the inside if the seashell. Stick the seashell to the belt.

For the boots you can pretty much just wear a pair of socks and wrap duct tape around to cover the socks and up past your ankle. The rest of the time you are just putting on the extras to the costume.

One more accessory is the purple dish gloves, although it is quite hard to find them so regular purple gloves will work well too. You can see those here.

The last thing you need is the piece of scrap fabric for the neck area, let the triangle part hang in the back and tie up front.

To make the Mermaid Man outfit:

  •     A orange under armor shirt
  •     Velcro
  •     Tights
  •     Black brief underwear
  •     Black duct tape
  •     A thin wooden M ( for the belt)
  •     Two seashells
  •     Pink house slippers
  •     Dish washing gloves
  •     Face paint

The orange sweater or turtleneck is the base of the outfit and if you do not have one do not worry, you can either pick one up at the thrift store (charity store if you are from the UK) or from Amazon here.

To assemble the belt you will first need to get the waist measurement of the person wearing the costume to make the belt. Then cut two pieces of duct tape the same length. Place them sticky sides facing together. Once you are done, take the wooden M and paint it any color. This is the finishing touch on your belt. Lay the Letter aside to dry.

Take your two sea shells and put a strip of Velcro on the inside of the shells and also a piece on both sides of the shirt where the shells will go. Then all you have to do is stick the shells where they go and they will hold great.

Alternatively you could get a seashell bra like the one pictured instead. Click here for that option.

Paint a star over your nose and cheek area to make it look like a sea shell. To apply the M as the belt buckle you will need to use magnetic clasps. They are cheap and easy to use.

Once done with this it is basically putting the costume on and having fun. This costume would be great for boys ages 11 through 17 or for adult males.

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