Michiko Malandro Costume

Michiko to Hatchin is a Japanese anime series based in the fictional country of Diamandra. It focuses on the adventures of criminal Michiko Marandoro who escapes from prison. Once out of prison she rescues her daughter from abusive foster parents and goes on the run from the police.

When I saw Kiera Please (one of my favorite cosplayers to follow) cosplay this character’s outfit I knew I needed to do a tutorial for it on the blog.

So in today’s post we’ll be showing you how to create a do it yourself Michiko Malandro Costume for cosplay conventions and Halloween.

We’ll be covering: her hair, clothing and jewellery. Showing you ways to do it yourself with options to buy the items you’ll need online too. So without further ado, let’s begin!

Michiko Malandro Wig

MapofBeauty Black WigMapofBeauty Black Wig

The first item you’ll need is a long black wig if your natural hair is not suitable. Make sure to tie back your natural hair into a wig cap beforehand so it doesn’t get in the way.

Michiko Malandro Jacket

LL Womens Dressy Vegan Leather Biker Jacket XL REDLL Womens Dressy Vegan Leather Biker Jacket XL REDFashion Forms Women's Bandeau Bra,Black,SmallFashion Forms Women’s Bandeau Bra,Black,Small

Then you will need a red leather jacket. Perhaps you already have one in your closet otherwise check out the link above or local thrift stores to see if they have one in stock for a few dollars. For extra detail attach numerous golden plastic gem along your coat and on the sleeves. Pair that with a black bandeau style bra but only if you are feeling brave as the character keeps their jacket open, or keep the jacket zipped up if that make you more comfortable.

Michiko Malandro Glasses

grinderPUNCH Classic Aviator Sunglasses Normal Fit in Gold Frame with Brown LensgrinderPUNCH Classic Aviator Sunglasses Normal Fit in Gold Frame with Brown LensGold Hoop EarringsGold Hoop Earrings

Now let’s move onto jewellery and glasses. Michiko Malandro wears a pair of tinted gold sunglasses, again you can pick these up above or check out local stores. Add a pair of golden bangles and golden earrings and we’re ready to move onto the next section.

Michiko Malandro Necklace

New CASSETTE TAPE Hip Hop Pendant &24New CASSETTE TAPE Hip Hop Pendant &24

Michiko Malandro wears a silver necklace with a white cassette tape dangling on her neck. You can recreate this yourself with a white cassette tape and a plain silver necklace or buy this pendant that will work just as well.

Michiko Malandro Shorts

HDE Women's Solid Color Ultra Stretch Fitted Low Rise Moleton Denim Booty Shorts (White, Medium)HDE Women’s Solid Color Ultra Stretch Fitted Low Rise Moleton Denim Booty Shorts (White, Medium)

The next item you’ll need is a pair of white denim shorts. Another detail is Michiko Malandro’s tattoo on her midriff area of two black feathers overlapping each other. Recreate this design using a clear reference image and black eye shadow that you will be able to wash off later, get someone else to draw this on if it makes it easier. Finally finish off with a pair of brown leather knee high boots.

So there you have it, everything to transform into this character and leave everyone speechless at whatever event you attend. Be prepared to take plenty of selfies! Before you go follow us on social media for new tutorials every week.

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