Mike Teavee Costume

mike teavee costumeMy tutorial for the Augustus Gloop costume is extremely popular, who would have thought that so many years on from even the more recent movie that the characters would be so popular. I have also been a big fan of the movie even if I am a little annoyed that it ALWAYS gets rerun on television, so it is nice to know other people also appreciate.

Anyone who knows the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will know that there were five ticket winners and the fourth one was Mike Teavee himself and like the other contestants his name strangely matched his personality which is watching television or as some say ‘t-v’.

Not only was he obsessed with his television box but also with violent video games and that definitely shone through with his personality, he may not have been as bratty as Veruca Salt but he certainly comes high on the list of bratty kids (if there was one).

What I like about his outfit is that it is very simple for someone to recreate, seeing as there are two movie version of the book I am going to detail both of them for comparison sake and it may also give you some ideas for how you go about this.

Mike Teavee Hazard Outfit

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In the adaption of the book featuring Johnny Depp (2005) near the end of the movie when Mike, Charlie and Wonka go into the television room they wear white body suits this is the one I think looks the coolest.

For this you’ll need a simple white onesie or body suit and then some white goggles. The only problem is that white goggles are near enough impossible to find so you’ll want some black goggles instead which you paint white.

These very two simple elements create a very futuristic looking outfit, you may want to pair a bunch of white shoes with these to keep it consistent and so that your shoes don’t stand out.

Even better you can wear a white hazard suit that will look even closer to what you see in the movie like the one pictured above.

Sadly this is the outfit Mike wears just before he enters the tv and then we all know what happens next so if your child is wearing this for a party or Halloween just make sure there isn’t any nearby television sets or you may find you have a stretched child to take home by the end of the day :)

Mike Teavee Cowboy Costume

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The other main outfit you see him wear is the first adaption (1971) and that is a simple cowboys outfit. This means you can either get a full cowboy costume and take away and add the appropriate parts you need or start from scratch and build it from the ground up without needing to get rid of any items.

For those building this from the ground up you’ll want a black cowboy hat, a red and white scarf and then a blue and white checkered shirt. Then you’ll want the regular items a cowboy would wear which are brown leather chaps and boots. You may also want to add a plastic gun for a finishing touch.

Happy Halloweening!

I hope you have a wonderful time enjoying your new outfit, remember that Halloween is always a lot more fun when you can bring a sibling or brother along, the Augustus tutorial should help you for that. Make sure you stay safe and comment below with any questions.

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