Misa Amane Cosplay

misa amane cosplay

photo credit: 八木 Ricardo 清介

I wrote an article about some of the other characters in Death Note (L, Light and Ryuk) as I was just getting into the series and Misa hadn’t come up yet. After writing that article I decided to really sit down and finish watching Death Note.

I am now addicted and almost finished watching it is just so interesting and the plot is so unpredictable like literally as soon as I get comfortable with how it is going another curve ball is thrown at me.

As the show progressed Misa and Rem (her shinigami) became more prominent characters as well a some others but instead of updating that article I though Misa is quite popular just on her own as I could see on Google images and cosplay sites tons of people have cosplayed her, so I thought why not focus solely on her.

Misa Amane Black Dress

photo credit: Flickr

 First off is her black Gothic Lolita dress, it can be hard to find one that looks exactly like hers all you can do is try your best thankfully the arm accessories and how you pull everything together is what will make this costume stand out.

For footwear you should wear black boots with a heel and some black fishnet tights. The look of the footwear is going to totally depend on the rest of the costume.

Click Here for Black Lolita Outfit

Anime Schoolgirl Red Skirt

This is the second of the three main cosplays you can choose to replicate, this one features a red skirt instead of the trademark black. This is probably the most simple one which can be easily created from items already in your closet or cheaply bought from a thrift store hence the name ‘closet cosplays’.

This picture is a good guide for what you need to accomplish. Start off with the white shirt, a simple school shirt and a black tie to contrast it. Then the black top that goes over the top. Another obvious addition is the black and white arm warmers. To finish this one off all you will need is some fishnet tights again and some black shoes of your choice.

Pink Lolita Outfit

photo credit: 八木 Ricardo 清介

This is the third cosplay of choice, it is quite similar to the others in that you still need to keep the base Lolita Gothic theme in tact just throw some pink in there. This picture may showcase a light pink top with white ruffles but you can also go with hot pink or any other type of pink that strikes your fancy.

Finally is the white skirt that goes underneath the pink short sleeve top. You should try to find one that is quite big and almost has a Victorian fixed shape to it (anime style).

Click Here for Pink Lolita Outfit


Above is how to do each individual costume here are the details for the accessories that will go with any one you choose whether it be the main black one or the pink one these accessories are essential:

  • A huge black skirt
  • A silver cross necklace
  • More silver jewelry such as skulls and bones throughout
  • Big eyelashes anime style (wear fake ones)
  • Dark red nail polish
  • Her arm blades which you can make out of card and paint black (many people point this out as the best part of the costume)
  • Black studded belt
  • Misa Amane Hair and Makeup

Misa Amane Wig

misa amane wigHair and make up are a crucial element to any cosplay, sure a costume is the main centerpiece but these two things really pull the whole thing together. Luckily Misa’s makeup isn’t too over the top or difficult to achieve, heck you could even skip makeup all together if you really wanted to.

If not makeup is simply quite light which is quite different to her clothes. Her hair is styled into a fringe at the front and two ponytails either side.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

One final thing you cannot forget is the Death Note that she carries with her at all time with which she can write people’s names on and kill them.

Personality traits

I went from not liking Misa to start with when she first got infatuated with Kira as she was so annoying and portrayed as quite a dumb ditsy person to really enjoying watching her.

She is not a damsel in distress either and is shown to be very strong willed and loyal. Some of the stuff she does may come across as quite extreme and even evil but she has her reasons, her parents were killed after all and Kira did kill them so it is understandable why she would like L so much.

So Misa has quite a Gothic look to her and what she wears and so if you are a goth people might think that you are wear your normal attire with some added quirks, you really need to focus on the details for this to work.

Do not forget personality while you are roleplaying, Misa has a very unique personality with tons of contrasting elements such as being a very strong person but someone who can also be very weak in other aspect such as her devotion to Light which can often mean she puts herself in harmful situations and gets taken advantage of for other people’s benefits.

She is extremely upbeat and loud with loads of loud laughs and squeals thrown in for good measure when she gets happy, when she walks into a room she immediately lights it up. She is very childlike and naive at times in that she speaks her mind, she gets attached to people. Generally she can be quite blunt/rude but deep down all she wants is for people to value and appreciate her and be liked by everyone.

Throughout the series she proves to people she is smarter then they would think and comes up with some of the evidence the taskforce needs to find Kira, she is also very careful not to get caught as the second Kira even though Light believes she didn’t think things through.

Overall this has been fun to write up and put together, there is so much information out there but I have yet to find something as complete on this character. I hope to update this article and add more detail to it to make it even more complete in time.

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