Miss Argentina Costume

Miss Argentina CostumeBeetlejuice is a movie from many people’s childhood, starring popular actors Michael Keaton and Alec Baldwin. While I was born in the 90’s I’ve had the pleasure of watching this movie on television thanks to reruns, it may not be for everyone but has remained a firm classic to this day nonetheless.

It’s about a couple who haunt the old house they used to live in alongside devious ghost Beetlejuice, it’s interesting as viewers to see the dynamic between them and the horrible new tenant who just moved in. Although they’re horrible they happen to have a sweet daughter who can also see ghosts.

Today we’ll be covering Miss Argentina costume from Beetlejuice, a popular character for a Halloween costume that only features in the film for a few minutes but certainly makes an impact with a very controversial death at that. We’ll be touching on her wig, make-up, dress and sash.  

Miss Argentina Beetlejuice Costume

Miss Dead Receptionist Costume (X-Small)

What people love about the character is her unique personality, we are first introduced to her at the window in Neitherworld’s waiting room where it is apparent she doesn’t care much about the recently deceased.

Check out the official costume for her character featuring dress with cape and pageant sash included. Add your own wig, such as the one below and teal face paint to complete the look.

Pageant Dress

The first thing you’ll need is her red pageant dress we can assume this is floor length although we don’t get a good look at it during her short stint onscreen, it comes with fitted bodice and shoulder straps so look for a similar dress if you can otherwise work with whatever’s most convenient. Check out local thrift stores and if nothing comes up check online retailers like Ebay and Amazon.

Miss Argentina Cape

Then we have her cape and wing combination which is not something you see on regular everyday outfits and will take a little searching. Simply find the two items and pair them together alongside your dress.


Next you should focus on creating the sash, simple enough once you have a suitable dress in place. Start sourcing your wide white ribbon, you can find this cheap at fabric stores even asking for spare fabric left over would grab you a bargain. Then use iron-on letters to create ‘MISS ARGENTINA’ text and you’re all set.

Finish off the outfit segment with a pair of teal tights to mimic her skin tone as well as red high heels or flats to match her bright red locks.

Miss Argentina Wig

Miss Dead Receptionist Makeup Kit (Standard)Taobaopit Hot Charm Lolita Animation Cosplay Red Long Wavy Full Wig with Heat Friendly Synthetic Fiber

To create Miss Argentina’s wig most people begin with a cheap blond wig from their local fancy dress store, pin it up into her style and spray it red with cheap hair spray from Walmart or similar store.

Miss Argentina Makeup

Before you begin doing your makeup tie back your hair securely. The artist begins by mixing blue from her paint stick and green from her palette to create a teal/turquoise tone which’ll make up your skin color. Work it in using your makeup brush including ears as your hair will be up.

Move onto your brows, your palette should have a navy blue, purple and light blue. Now start with navy blue, once the brows are drawn in add the lighter blue to the eyelids. After that with navy taken through your socket to create a hollow finish.

Then you want a purple blended into the navy blue. Apply the usual black gel liner, your favorite mascara aswell as false eyelashes. Finish with contouring your cheeks using navy eye shadow again, coral lipstick and setting with powder.

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