Missing Eye Makeup Tutorial

As many people I sometimes find myself watching videos on YouTube for hours, well I might start off with one video and then before you know it I’ve clicked on ten others and two hours have gone by.

One of my favorite ones are prank video, this guy did a missing eye makeup and then he went around asking random people whether or not his eye looked good and if it was bad enough that he would need to go to the emergency room.

What was most funny was how calm he was acting about it while all of the passers by were screaming and panicking telling him he needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Here is how you can achieve a similar affect whether it be for Halloween or to do a prank yourself.

Seeing as YouTube was my initial source of inspiration to write up this article I have popped back on there to look for tutorials and there are tons, they all look really gruesome as you would expect but this one is my favorite, with text below if you prefer to read.

Items Needed for This Tutorial:

  • Piece of black fabric (you can even use a sock)
  • Liquid latex (get this at party supplied stores)
  • Toilet roll
  • Paintbrush you don’t mind ruining
  • Foundation or concealer
  • Red cream makeup
  • Black and purple eye shadow
  • Fake blood (pick up at any party store or online)
  • Sponge

It’s a lot easier for someone else to do this for you, rather than using a mirror.

1.Creating the hollow

You are going to need a piece of black fabric, whether you cut this from a new black sock or get a spare piece you have lying around is up to you, just make sure it covers the person’s eye you are doing this for.

2.Apply using liquid latex

Now apply this piece of fabric around the eye area using liquid latex, make sure it sticks well.

3.Seal the edges

Now you need to ‘lock’ the fabric around the area and you can do this with good ol’ toilet paper, twist a piece of toilet roll into a sausage shape.

Then glue this around the edges of the fabric to keep it in place as well as appear as fake skin to camouflage the edges. Do this multiple times until all of the edges are sealed.

4.Add foundation

Next after the glue has dried a little is applying the foundation or concealer (of your skin tone) to the area to make it all blend and look realistic.

You can go in with a pair of tweezers and make the paper look a little messy and raggedy so the skin around the edge will look all gross and disgusting.

5.Creating the blood base

To create an even base for when you add the blood later on red cream makeup will be your best friend. Apply this as evenly as possible to the area making sure to get in all of the cracks.

After that go with a smaller brush and apply some black eye shadow to the edges to create depth and different shades or red.

6.Apply the BLOOD!

Fake blood is fun no matter what the occasion and surprisingly realistic, you may have a homemade recipe or some that you have bought. Using a brush fill in the center on top of the cream makeup with blood.

To achieve a dripping effect, fill the cap a little with the blood and pour it down the person’s face (use a towel to avoid messing up clothes).

7.Finishing touches

Use a sponge to get the effect you want with the dripping blood and then some black eye shadow again.

The other eye could use some attention so get some purple eyeshadow and use it to create a ‘black-eye’ look for the other one, you don’t want one side of your face to look butchered and the other to look fine.

You’re all done now, personalization is always a must for these things so I’ll let you run with it from here. Most of all be safe and have wonderful Halloween celebrations.

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