Misty Pokemon Costume

misty pokemon costume

photo credit: GabboT

Welcome Pokemon fans, well I assume you love watching the show if you have landed on this page or maybe you’ve seen this character online or on Pinterest and like the look of her outfit either way this is the perfect costume item for lovers of anime and manga but even if you’re not you’ll still love dressing up as Misty.

Pokemon is up there with the best anime series and along with Ash and Pikachu Misty travels with them, she originally tagged along because Ash broke her bike and she wanted him to fix it but she has since forgotten about the bike and they remain friends.

She is know for being a top water trainer so she has a good ability in fishing and similar activities, this is her favourite type of Pokemon with her least favourite being bugs. Personality wise she can be known to be short-tempered but also can be mature when she needs to be. She has three sisters that she has to look after even if they are older than her but she feel inferior at times because they do not always treat her well. 


 Cosplay long orange wig of Dynasty Warriors hair blonde wig

If you’ve read any other articles on the site you’ll know we work from the top of the outfit and make our way down. The hair is the first thing, as you can see from the reference image Misty has ginger hair so you’ll need a wig if your hair is not.

If styling your own hair put it up with a blue band, her hair is pretty short at that so you’ll also need a trim if yours is too long.

I have chosen a wig above for you, sadly it is not an official one however it is as close as we are going to get. You get a free wig cap with it which you can use to tuck your own hair under.


 J.TOMSON Womens Basic Ribbed Cotton Spandex Racer Back Tank Top YELLOW MEDIUM FINEJO Women’s Ripped Hole Jeans Shorts Denim Jeans M [Apparel]

The next items are what you will need for clothing. Misty’s outfit  is actually pretty simple and these items shouldn’t be too hard to find, you can either look in your local thrift store or buy online. You’ll need a yellow tank top and then a pair of short jeans.

I have included both items you will need above. The tank top is quite light which I think better reflects the anime, the others I found were a lot brighter and distracts from the character. The jean shorts are also a good fit and I chose one with rips in because I think it gives a unique look.

She is also known for wearing red suspenders which is a nice contrast to the yellow to keep her jeans up. There is one below that you can use, a simple clip on pair that will compliment the rest of the outfit nicely.

 Red Suspenders


Her footwear is pretty simple too, you can use a pair of red and white Converse although any other type of red and white shoe is fine.

There isn’t much else to this outfit however you can also carry a red drawstring backpack for effect and get a toy Pokemon ball and Togepi plush toy.

Togepi is one of Misty’s main Pokemon, it starts off as an egg that Ash finds and when it hatches the first person it sees is Misty so it think she it is mum. Its egg has red and blue triangle patterns on it.

This is one of the most simple cosplay to put together so I hope you have fun doing so!

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