Moana Costume

Have you seen Disney’s newest movie staring a brand new character Moana? The movie named after the star character was released back in November of last year as Disney’s second movie in a single year.

It performed well at the box office and has already passed the half a billion mark (alongside Zootopia) and subsequently nominated for several awards.

Moana is the daughter of an esteemed leader of the Polynesian tribe who goes on an adventure to reunite an ancient relic with the god Maui who stole it from goddess Te Fiti who will help save her people.

I predict this will be a popular costume choice for little girls for dress up and cosplay throughout the year as well as Halloween. Below we’ll be dissecting the outfit and showing you everything you’ll need to put together your own.

Moana Wig

Disney Moana Wig with Plumeria FlowerDisney Moana Wig with Plumeria FlowerMedium Long Curly Dark Brown Wig for Men Halloween Cosplay Costume Wig C345Medium Long Curly Dark Brown Wig for Men Halloween Cosplay Costume Wig C345


The first thing you’ll need is a wig, there are already a few options available commercially for this character. Here you see a brown wig for little girls which has pink flower detail, you could also use any flowing shoulder length black or dark brown wig. If your natural hair already meets the requirements then you don’t even need a wig!

Moana Necklace

Disney Moana's Magical Seashell NecklaceDisney Moana’s Magical Seashell Necklace


Next is Moana’s magical seashell necklace, the necklace that drives the whole story as Moana tries to reunite it with its rightful owner. What’s so great about this set is it lights up with a soft green glow (requires batteries) for added authenticity.

Moana Dress

Little Adventures Traditional Polynesian Girls Princess Costume - Medium (3-5 Yrs)Little Adventures Traditional Polynesian Girls Princess Costume – Medium (3-5 Yrs)Disney Moana Girls Adventure OutfitDisney Moana Girls Adventure Outfit


Finally the main centrepiece: the dress. Moana’s costumes are frequently in and out of stock at the moment so I’ve listed both here just in case one is out of stock when you come to look. This is to be expected with a brand new movie that is so popular among its demographic. It is noted the undergarments are not itchy however more garments can be worn underneath if required.

Hawaiian Poly-Silk Ti Leaf Hula Skirt - Adult Size - ReversibleHawaiian Poly-Silk Ti Leaf Hula Skirt – Adult Size – Reversible


One last final detail that you may want to add is a green leaf hula skirt that reflects the Polynesian tribe attire. Another accessory that is optional is a wooden canoe paddle that the cosplayer above can be seen wielding as Moana does throughout the movie; it only makes sense with the setting being the ocean.

So there you have it, everything for you to put together this costume for the newest Disney character: Moana. As I said above I predict this will be a hot character to dress up as so make sure you buy well in advance for dress up parties or events you wish you to attend to avoid disappointment for your child.

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