Moaning Myrtle Costume

Moaning Myrtle CostumeMoaning Myrtle is one of the more memorable ghostly inhabitants of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from J.K.Rowling’s spelling binding Harry Potter series.

We are first introduced to her in the Chamber of Secrets when Harry, Ron and Hermione are brewing their first batch of Polyjuice potion in order to gain intelligence from Draco Malfoy regarding the Chamber. It’s not only in the second book where Myrtle drives the plot but also the Goblet of Fire when she prompts Harry finding the secret message hidden within his dragon egg.

It is here that we see Moaning Myrtle sulking and being depressed in one of the stalls, one where she just so happened to be killed by Tom Riddle. A memorable character that will make for a memorable costume idea come Halloween and most people will recognise who you are.

Below are instructions to create your own Moaning Myrtle costume including wig, glasses and Ravenclaw cloak.

Moaning Myrtle Costume

Moaning Myrtle Adult Costume Kit – One-Size (Standard)

Fortunately there is one official costume available for this character from Amazon however I can’t be certain how long it will remain available into the future, so just in case I’ve listed the individually items you’ll need below so you aren’t left out in the cold come October.

This set includes everything you’ll need to pull of her look including robe, glasses, and wig. Just add your own footwear and you’re ready to go.

Moaning Myrtle Robe

Harry Potter Adult Ravenclaw Robe, Black, Standard Costume

You may not have noticed watching the movies or reading the books (I didn’t either) that Myrtle is in fact a member of Ravenclaw, we can gather from this that she must have been fairly clever when she was alive.

This robe will make up the bulk of her outfit as we can presume this is what she was wearing when killed by Tom Riddle and therefore the outfit she’ll remain in forever. This is the most popular Ravenclaw robe on Amazon featuring the badger crest and a neck clasp.

Moaning Myrtle Glasses

Rubies Harry Potter Eyeglasses Costume Accessory

The next accessory you’ll want to get your hands on is a pair of spectacles, these are strikingly similar to Harry Potters with a thin wire frame and oval shape. Therefore you can pick up a pair of Harry Potter glasses but use them for Myrtle instead (easy to re-use for a Harry costume later too).

Moaning Myrtle Wig

Kamo Long Dark Brown Ladies’ Sexy Curly Wave Wig Full Wigs

Next you’ll need a wig if the official costume is not available when you go to check, all that’s required is a simple brown wig with similar bangs and length to hers. Put in two ponytails either side to complete the look or do the same using your natural hair.

That’s it, all you have to add is a touch of Moaning Myrtle’s memorable personality to make your cosplay complete. Keep your face in a disgruntled expression and you’re halfway there.

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